Facebook: Live Tests Social Network Photos

Iphone 6S
With the one presented in the September 2015 and iphone 6s plus Apple introduced many new camera capabilities. Live include photographs, which offer also a short video sequence in addition to the actual image including the so-called. The video snippets, you can start when you press harder on the display of the iphone. Single hook so far: live photos offer users only a small benefit, because she is only on Apple macbooks, ipads and consider the Apple Watch. So far only Tumblr supported image files with the video sequence by the major Internet platforms. That will change now: because as the American Internet site the verge, the expanded image files supported from now Facebook’s ios app.

Functions around the social network

Not yet available for all users

According to the information, the new feature still in the test stage, which is why for the time being only a small, randomly selected group of users must try them out is located. According to the verge, after other people you want to can see the moving images. The function is active, users recognize the live photos of known small concentric circles in the bottom right corner of the preview images.

The great Facebook etiquette

Should note that on Facebook

Ease of use

The user then tap tagged preview pictures, he gets on his device the three seconds long video sequence to see. Devices that do not support the function (Android and Windows systems), or for which it is not activated yet, show only an excerpt from the middle of the sequence. Publishing the moving image works like in an ordinary photo.