Expedition Footwear

With expedition boots securely in the high mountains

For those who want really high, high quality expedition boots are an essential part of the equipment! The name evokes the feeling of adventure, icy heights, snow-capped mountains and unspoiled nature while listening. Expedition shoes are a type of Mountain boots, which are made for extreme conditions. Through its strong insulation power, particularly high levels of cold up to-50 ° C are no problem for them. The feet are held by the insulation layers always warm and protected against cold and especially before frostbite.

What must afford expedition shoes?

Good expedition boots are made of highest quality materials because you absolutely can rely on it even in the most extreme situations. You must be strong insulating and breathable also because rapidly reduces moisture in the liner heat output. Just at very low temperatures, it can be very dangerous and result in extreme cases even frostbite. Many models of expedition shoes have incorporated leggings, which again supports the thermal performance and protection against moisture.

Step by step with the expedition shoes towards the Summit

It is
similar to trekking boots for expedition shoes of enormous importance, that they have a non-slip sole made of high quality material. In the high mountains, each step should sit about the sole to deliver uphill downhill always optimal grip. All expedition boots must be also crampon, so when the climb or the glacier the Security’s always front stands. Because quality has its price, however, expedition boots are not that cheap. They are an investment that is worthwhile in any case! If it should go so completely upwards to the highest peaks, solid, safe and warm expedition footwear for this purpose are essential.