Exercises to Make Your Buttocks Bigger Naturally

Mari Rosa Barbieri – Want a seat 10 and praise? With your butt Jennifer Lopez has always been your hidden desire? It never is the hard truth! And who said that the B-side of Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate? 
We can still have a nice ass with a lot of physical exercise every day, with the right exercises and a ration of good will and patience.
There are in fact a series of exercises to do comfortably at home or in the gym to strengthen the glutes and lift.


Almost everyone has heard of squats. It is strenuous exercise involving the glutes and muscles.
To practice them, you must separate your legs, rest your hands on your legs and move down and put his ass out, just like you want to sit. Why squats are effective, you need to back them at least 15 for four series.
Practice squat also helps breathe. It is important, in fact breathe when you go down and exhale when you are dating.


The repeal of the basin is “exercise better known and easier to train. I’ll teach, usually almost all personal trainers at the first lesson. If you want to run it at home, you need only a rug.
Lie down on the mat, she brings her arms behind her back , raise your legs and push your body and sit up. Perform the movement 5 times for 8 series. As you are now in its eighth series, he tries to tighten the buttocks and hold interrupted for a few minutes. in this way they sit potenzierai more powerful .


The tribes are to lift the legs. You can perform both standing and on the ground, both outward and backward.
To run the stems, standing, you need to support their hands on a solid support. At this point you can sollevarela right leg and pull it backwards. Perform the movement 10 times for 2 sets. Then move on to the left leg.
Always bear can exercise the elevator wearing leg outwards. Perform the movement 10 times for 2 sets.
You can also perform the exercise on the ground. In this case, you need to get on his knees on a mat, bring your arms forward to place his hands on the ground. Now you can lift your legs to bring them back. Perform the movement 10 times for 2 sets.

When you go, Bites Buttocks

A little trick that can be of use, is to tighten the buttocks when walking. It seems impossible, but it is doable. At first it will seem awkward to go but over time we realize the positive effects of this technology on our side B.
Last but not least: do not forget to lack is power.