Exclusive Interview with Thepersianbabe

The persianbabe, nail artist of Real Time, reveals all the secrets to having perfect nails and fashion.

When and how your passion for nail art?

A passion for nail art is born by chance: I was looking for on the web about make-up because I wanted to learn this art. Browsing I came across Cliomakeup and generally in youtube tutorials that I have literally kidnapped. Over time, I began to follow other tutorialist and some videos of nail art. It was love at first sight: I have always loved to draw and I liked the idea of making a manicure alone. I started to experiment and I have not stopped.

How did you become a video blogger?

I started to share my experiments on the web because I wanted to be part of that world that fascinated me so much. Within a short time it turned into my ‘ second world ‘ realize not only that nail art tutorial but also videos of pure chatter, as if you took a tea with her friends.

How have you been discovered by Real Time?

I first arrived on TV thanks to an idea of PUPA Milano, organization with which I work for a long time, and Real Time. They wanted to create a program dedicated to the nail art that was the translation of my channel on youtube. It was an amazing experience and as easily you can image, almost still don’t believe it!

About Real Time there is another Queen of cosmetics, Clio. Are you friends? We exchanged recommendations?

As I was telling you before, Clio was the first tutorialist I followed and that I follow to this day. I had the pleasure of meeting her at an event but we don’t feel every day … Giving me lots of advice but I learn them through his tutorial.

Where do you buy your glazes?

In beauty shops or online. I prefer to buy them personally because often the colors are distorted from the screen of your PC, and then when you buy online you have to wait the timing of shipments … Unfortunately there are a few companies not available in Italy and, therefore, the web is a great plus, through online reviews you can also tell if that product can be up to our preferences or not.

What brands do you prefer?

I like many brands, often have 2 or 3 favorite colors for the company, because even the matching characteristics often change depending on color.

And accessories to decorate your nails (balls, stars …) where you purchase them?

Also the accessories such as enamels you purchase them on the web or in stores. Nail art means to free their imagination so anything can become an accessory or a tool. For example, to the sponges for make-up sbizzarrisco between beauty shops for beauticians, outlets for home, hobby shops or fine arts.

What are the products you use to get healthy and strong nails?

Usually I alternate active base growth to a Strengthener. Known that so I get better results than if you always use only one of the two products.

We sveleresti some trick to remove the nail art the most persistent?

The most famous is the so called foil trick: simply put a cotton pad soaked in solvent (acetone) on the nail and wrap with foil. It is important not to allow too long nails in this Pack because solvent and foil can generate heat and therefore we risk weakening the nails.

What is the secret to spread good enamel?

To spread out well need several precautions such as enamel, good preparation of the nail, do not touch the cuticle with nail polish and regarding the amount to be taken depends on the density of color.

How do I create the shaded effect?

On the market there are fabulous kits that avoid to do “rush job” that you did before mixing colors to achieve the various shades of color. These kits consist of a colored glaze and a liquid that’s laid out like a glaze and with every stroke adds a tone to the base color. In a short time a embrioidery perfect!

Let’s take a concrete example. I have to go to a wedding in the afternoon: what type of nails you recommend me?

Depends on the personality of those who will wear the nail art and dress. In principle, a very flashy outfit requires delicate fingernails, while with a sober suit we dare a little more. Typically for weddings go much lace, roses, butterflies …

And for a Soiree?

In this case you can get out of the box but it always depends on the taste of the wearer.

For a job interview?

Here it is best not to overdo, but, to repeat myself, depends on the tastes of the wearer.

Where to discover the trends for your business?

On the web where news travels fast, through press releases of companies of cosmetics and magazines.

How should we decorate this summer?

This summer colour trends in green and purple are matched together. The various fashions required the application of small studs or decorations that recall the lace … but everything is to our imagination because hands are our visiting card and therefore should reflect their personality.

Your other colleagues in Real Time have already published books related to their broadcasts. What about you?

Also I have written a book called “Nail Art” … but I wouldn’t mind to bind a book to Nail Lab.