Everlast Collection

Everlast–Collection Of Spring/Summer 2013
The Everlast is a brand well known in the midst of people who practice some form of physical activity, because the focus of the campaign are the sports goods, such as handbags, clothes and other accessories suitable for use at the gym. For summer 2013 the Everlast also created a collection full of news, check out:
The Everlast is very famous, especially in the world of boxing, that’s why the brand stores you find boxing gloves, shoes, jackets, shirts, shorts, pants, tops and other essential items to those who practice a physical activity.
For girls, the Everlast brought this season the pants leggings, which are super comfortable to practice any exercise, in addition to the races also malleable fabric blouses. Already, for the boys, races (which may or may not have a hood) that carry the brand name on front are sales champions, as is the ideal attire for the day to day, in common occasions or even in the academies. The same model is available with short sleeve, who dispenses the regatta.
In Accessories, Everlast has more than 30 models in bags and backpacks, for men and women. The bags are made in light and resistant material, with colors that match those used in looks to work out. Men can play the backpacks with space for carrying laptop with up to 17 inches, with reinforcement on the back and padded support.