European Football History Timeline

Since 1960 takes football championship every four years. In 2012, the 14th championship will be held in Poland and Ukraine. It is the third time that two nations co-hosted by his shoulders after the Netherlands and Belgium in 2000 and Austria and Switzerland in 2008.


In 1927 invented the French Secretary General of FIFA, Henri Delauney, a European Championship for national teams.
Among other things, through World War II, it took until 1960 before the first European Championship finals took place.Inventor Henri Delauney died in 1955, did so not easy. The tribute cup is named after him. Since 1960, the European Championships organized every four years. The first two editions were played under the name EM nations.
The first five rounds of the European Championship was only four countries will qualify for the final tournament.From these countries was then elected the organizer of the final round. 1980 is predetermined where the European Championship finals will take place and eight countries took part in the final. Since 1996, 16 countries participate in 2016 and that figure is still hijacked to 24th

Spain and Germany

West Germany / Germany and Spain are the most successful countries in the European Championship history. They won the Coupe Henry Delauney three times. France and Spain was won twice.

Netherlands & Belgium

The Netherlands reached their peak in 1988, when it was defeated in the final of the Soviet Union 2-0. Belgium gave its best result in 1980, the year in which it lost the final to West Germany. In 1972, Belgium hosted the European Championship. In 2000 the Netherlands and Belgium jointly hosting the European soccer feast. Belgium provided a first by hosting the first round does not survive, the Netherlands in the semi-final with Italy …

Number of Titles