European Football Championship 2012 Games

The duel Netherlands-Germany is probably one of the most important matches of Euro 2012. Euro 2012, which starts on Friday, June 8, 2012, taking place in Poland and Ukraine. The Netherlands and Germany in the history of football 34 times stood against each other. The final match was a friendly match in November 2011. Germany won the match 3-0. Dutch national team at the European Championships want revenge and will do everything to win this European Championship duel.

Euro 2012

European Football Championship 2012 will be held from June 8, 2012 t / m 1 July 2012. Sixteen European countries including the Netherlands, will compete for three weeks for the European title.The Netherlands is divided in Pool B and will be in the group stage of Euro 2012 duel against Denmark, Portugal and Germany. A tough battle, with the Netherlands with its three opponents still have a bone to scale. Especially the match Netherlands – Germany is likely to be a thriller. Dutch national team will be eliminated after the friendly match in November 2011 to do everything to win truly European Championship match against Germany.

The Eternal Battle

A football match between Germany and the Netherlands is and remains something special. Aside from the lost friendly against Germany in November 2011, it has always been an eternal struggle between the Netherlands and Germany. When two neighbors oppose, exceeded the normal athletic experience. The rivalry between the two countries is very large. Often this rivalry during World War II, but it is doubtful whether this context, in 2012, still plays a major role.
There is only a small percentage of our population that World War II has consciously. Who WWII has consciously now belongs to the group of people aged 65+. This target group belongs has generally not to the part of the population that is part of the Orange Legion and fighting between Germany and the Netherlands to honor.
The rivalry between the Netherlands and Germany in the late 20th and early 21st century is still noticeable, time seems stand apart from the events surrounding World war II. Much more important seems to be the World Cup final in 1974, where the Netherlands lost the final to Germany.

Statistics Netherlands-Germany

The Netherlands and Germany played in the history of football 38 times against each other. Germany knew more than the Netherlands to win the game, but also duels often ended in a draw. The last time the Dutch team from Germany knew that winning was held in 2004, when the European football championships in Portugal.

  • Earnings Netherlands: 10 times
  • Earnings Germany: 14 times
  • Draws: 14 times

Euro 2012: Netherlands-Germany

Both the Netherlands and Germany during Euro 2012 given a place in Pool B. Pool A sharp which along with the Netherlands and Germany, Portugal and Denmark belong. The Netherlands and Germany play their games in the group stage of Euro 2012 June 13, 2012.