Ethical Issues Surrounding Drug Taking in Sport

The word doping has always been inseparable from the sport. In particular, its use is very popular in endurance sports. But why athletes really doping?


Because the history of the sport, there are athletes who cheat the root ball. To rise above themselves and to find the way to eternal fame. Cheating was possible in many ways. Increasingly popular, it was to make yourself better through medication.Means, which provides quick recovery, better transport blood or muscle enhancers are well known examples. There is a list of resources compiled that are banned in sport. And the resources available to it belongs to doping.

Seeking Fame

The answer to the question why athletes earn itself of such resources seems pretty simple. To wipe the fame and the associated benefits that a higher salary. But how can you be proud of your achievements when you know that you have achieved these fake. Take for example one of the last cases sporting heroes Davide Rebellin. Davide Rebellin is among the biggest names in cycling over the past decade. He tested positive during the 2008 Olympics, he falls from his pedestal, and for many, the victories he has achieved nothing more valuable in the past. Road fame, outside contracts and salary away. This is just an example, but in the history of the sport, and especially in recent years, there have been many such examples.


But why keep athletes than in spite of the fact that they are drugging themselves proud of their accomplishments?Athletes have indicated that they believe that their fellow athletes do as they do. So athletes who dope themselves think their competitors are not clean. This suggests that something must be done about the ethics of sport. As seems to be the athlete for a large part ways. But how do you change it? Not by running constantly new methods of investigation. This seems to be a logical solution, but often do not realize that counterparties do not sit still and again and again new resources are being invented to circumvent the system. No, it is better to show the athletes themselves again why they ever work out so they will find it fun again. In order to take the pressure of the media, what to keep in check. And finally, do not pay and bonuses at the top of the sport is not very high, so that will take off appeal. Such measures are a step in the right direction.