Esparto Sandals

Know your origin and as jumped into the world of fashion
Neither more nor less, 4000 years ago became the first espadrilles in Spain, and his remains are kept in the Museum of Granada. A lightweight shoe made in rope and canvas, that already in the 13th century, the soldiers of the King of Aragon used.
Espadrille name comes from the word esparto, a kind of jute which is used to make the soles. Led by all sorts of people, men and women, from soldiers to priests, becoming a typical element of many regional costumes in Spain.
It was in 1960, when Yves Saint Laurent presented a particular and groundbreaking model for the Paris festivities. Some sandals with a heel, so far were all flat. He revolutionized the genre and released it as well to the world of fashion.
And since then, every time you get good weather, espadrilles invade the wardrobes and jump to the street, being part in addition to the look of many famous children and adults alike.
For girls, they have a charm even more special, because they tend to be their first high heels, by the cradle of Esparto grass from few centimeters that some models, like the Sandals smooth valencianas, a classic design with tapes that is always trendy and combines with everything.
Designs each year innovate and tempt to have more than one pair of sandals in the closet. Some becoming the protagonists of a look full thanks to its stamping able break yet, as for example our Sandals printed for child and adult. With two different versions, one in printed graffiti and another in print zebra, ideal for children and adults and a must this summer.
So much for informal dress as for a special occasion, this children’s footwear and adult has been able to adapt to all the fashion trends. A Variant, as it is the Derby based espadrille canvas shoes, is a perfect shoe to wear with the summer fabrics and to go more casual the Sandals striped bicolor are ideal.
In designs for girls we can find a wide range with the latest finishes and that love to the smallest, such as the espadrille openwork buckle, the growing in popularity this year valencianas crochet Sandals or the brightness of the glitter that remains this season in the shine girls espadrilles.
At Pisamonas, we are convinced that remain the trend for many seasons and why are some of the actors in our spring/summer collection! You already have your sandals?