Epson Moverio Bt 200: Test/Comparison

The video-multimediabrille of epson, the epson moverio bt-200, can be under the fpv eyeglasses surely as “sonderling”. similar to the  zeiss cinemizer oled 3d brillewas also here at the development of not the goal to create an fpv specialized videoblille. rather goes the scope in the analog direction to google glasses – an interactive augmented reality (ar) glass that makes reality and the digital world merge.
For this reason-similar to an HUD (head-up display) in the Jagdflieger, the image data are semi-transparent in the field of view, so that the real view remains intact. To achieve this as a complete system, the glasses are not supplied alone, but in combination with a mini-computer in mobile phone format, touch screen and adroid operating system as well as numerous apps.
In spite of this, the glasses can also be used for the FPV flight toy (First-Person-View=Pilotenperspektive) via and also has the advantage that you do not lose sight of the flying quadrocopter or multicopter, while the live video image from the Air in the field of view. However, since the system does not have a video input interface, the application range for FPV flight models is very limited:
The glasses can only be used in combination with multicopters, which offer an Android app as a reception option for the FPV video signal. This restricts the use to models like the Dji Phantom 2 VISION or VISION+as well as the ThunderTiger/TTRobotix GHOST+Quadrocopter.With these copiers, the respective FPV app can be played directly on the mini Android computer of the glasses and there-almost as a smartphone replacement-the video vehicle and flight data are received and transferred to the glasses-similar to an OSD overlay (On-Screen display).
Possibly, an interface could be created via the integrated WLAN or Bluetooth-but then requires (if feasible) a correspondingly high technical additional effort.
Test/Review/Review/Review/Buy Recommendation For The Epson Moverio BT-200 FPV Glasses
The quality of the glasses is very good and all components are correspondingly high-quality. Mainly disturbing is the missing video input or the missing video-IN interface, in order to connect independent of all common Multicopter eg by means of ImmersionRC or FatShark FPV receiver.
The image quality is enormous and the resolution very high. In our tests, the spectacles caught the eye. Normally only glasses are used in the FPV area, which are completely shielded from the outside light and only release the view to the integrated displays-so that no ambient light penetrates. With this semi-transparent spectacle, however, this is different. The glare which is to be expected or the poorly recognizable image information displayed remains largely unaffected. Reason: two different attachments are included. The darker attachment – similar to a pair of sunglasses-considerably increases the visibility of the images in bright surroundings-the image is less noticeable only in strong sunlight.
In spite of all this, flying with a semi-translucent pair of glasses is a necessity and you have to like it. Less risk exists with a conventional shielded pure FPV spectacle.
The conclusion: Surprisingly recommended-but unfortunately strongly restricted in relation to the FPV copter with Android app support..
Of course, perfect and price-better to cope better, if you want to use these glasses also for the other intended functions and uses (Augmented Reality).
Technical Data Of The Glasses:
23° Field of View (FOV)
960 x 540 pixel resolution
Poly-silicon TFT Activmatrix
LCD Size 0.42 inch wide panel (16: 9)
LCD pixel number 518,400 pixels
Projection size (from projection distance): 40 inches at 2.5 m-320 inches at 20 m
Color rendering: 24 bit-color (16.77 million colors)
Refresh rate: 60 Hz
Specifications of the mini-computer:
Connectivity for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and Miracast
Integrated sensors, including camera, gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer and microphone
Dual-core processor with 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM
8 GB internal memory, expandable with SD card by up to 32 GB
Battery life of up to six hours
Operating system Android 4.0.4
Dolby Digital Plus for a surround sound cinema experience
Compact and lightweight design
Display of 3D content (side-by-side format)
Suggested Composition/Optional Components
No further components needed