Energy bars (61)

Energy bars, for strength and endurance during outdoor sports

Power and dehydrated? No problem! Energy bars provide the energy, the outdoor sportsman on the tour. Whether fat, protein or carbohydrate, a healthy and balanced diet must be all the body, it needs for full performance. And it’s often not easy on tour. Whether for quick energy kick or a nutritional supplement on trekking tour, these ties can do really what. Oh, Yes: they are really tasty also!

Energy bars make back up tired body

Energy bars give strength, that’s for sure. But what distinguishes them monotony of the snack? Is not a simple chocolate from the discount store? The latter question is to answer with a clear ‘no’. Carefully selected ingredients and ingredients that are specifically tailored to the needs of the athlete under increased performance, make energy bars an indispensable companion on tour. The ties provide the body high quality proteins, valuable carbohydrates (neu carbohydrate), vitamins and other essential nutrients. This Rejuvenator are the ideal sports nutrition, whether as a quick snack on a mountain bike or short “power up” when running. There are also energy gels for the very quick power surge. Which can be consumed quickly and also provide fresh endurance.
In everyday life, these powerhouses also enrich the meal plan! Their exquisite composition and nutritional values, which can take a look, make the ties the good meal replacement, it must quickly go. They are the perfect way to replenish the carbohydrates in quick hunger and the acute power bad patch in the Office. Energy bars with high-protein support muscle growth.

Many delicious options for power force

In terms of diversity, energy bars have a lot to offer. The menu for your Pocket ranges from the simple cereal bars to the unusual variant with licorice flavor or delicious fruit. The well-known brands such as chimpanzee, oat King, Trek’n eat and Clif Bar ensure variation of plenty of and healthy energy. Tasty!