Encastoado for Golden Fishing with Tuviras

We all know that Golden fishing with Tuviras, the bait should be alive, so she is quite attractive to the predator, one of the factors that most kills the Tuviras is the blessed encastoado, it must be done right for her to stay alive as long as possible, in order to be efficient, in this case, even the hook makes a difference in this fishery then let’s understand more, and know how to do properly this encastoado:
You will need:
1971N hook. (for gold, the ideal are larger than 7/0)
This hook in andyoutdoor  is ideal for this fishery, since your stem is thin and it is devoid of splinters in the back, what hurts the Tuviras, without the barbs she can live more.
Flexible steel cable of 75 lbs.
This cable is better than the rigid, because of your mobility, our Tuvira can move around more freely. And the reason being a cable so thick, is that if we use one of 30 lbs he is worn very easily because of the Golden teeth, so a thicker is more resistant to abrasion from the trophy, we will use 1 meter per encastoado.
Swivel compatible, does not need to be large.
Cutting pliers and peas.
A desembolador, or a hook, only to twist.
Lighter to finish.
A piece of wire with two hooks on the ends.
To start encastoamos the swivel as follows: we had a steel tip for the glove and then returned, only to crush the glove.
I’m going to use a white line to illustrate better the other end of the wire rope
We had a glove on the cable.
First we pass the cable through the eye of the hook, typically let 20 cm. to terminate the cable.
After we got back at the other end.
Shake around.
We leave 20 cm to spare for the twist that we will do soon.
Run the cable through the sleeve and crush-usually in the process with the swivel.
Now we arrested that wire in a fixed location.
We have that glove side steel hook.
In this way:
And the desembolador of line we hold on a hook like this:
Now we start twisting the steel with pressure by turning the desembolador.
The cable will start rooting.
This is the end result.
Melt the nylon coating the cable just to finish so that it does not rotate.
Why go through all that trouble?
This twist so long hook serves to hurt less to Tuvira, if the glove stayed close to the hook, in the time of baiting, she will die because the glove will make many bruises on bait, with the twist free of the Tuvira washers will slip more easily that way, hurting less and we can leave the hook down the body Thus the Golden bite just a piece of the tail and finish escaping, with the hook down into the body of the Tuvira, it becomes easier to fish be screwed.
In the end, the encastoado will stay with 80 cm long nonsense, but why? When the gold takes the bait, it is normal to tuvira slip up, and if a Piranha feel the fish in trouble to the Tuvira, and if the cable is short, she could end up biting the line and we’re going to lose the trophy, if the cable is longer, we have a safety margin against the Piranhas.
Enjoy, and good luck with arowanas! any questions leave us comments!