Enamels Summer 2010: Purple Nails

French manicure goodbye. After years of supremacy, the style that ruled the roost on the nails around the world leaves the throne in favor of new colors and much more gritty.
The tones such as white, beige or pink abdicate from the realm of fashion and in their place new peep palette full of charm. First of all, the purple.
Far from being a typical winter shades, purple dominates the nails for spring-summer 201 0 and it does it in all its aspects: from dark to light passing through the lilac. Also see how to care your nails on Thenailmythology.com.
Opaque or brillant and purple enamel lives in simple version or enriched with micro glitter or floral decorations. The choice is endless and this helps us, as always, the cosmetic companies that offer different variations to match the nail lacquer super trendy and eye shadows and lipsticks.
For a total look impressive. Careful to anticipate every desire of women, many couturiers such as Chanel have finally brought the catwalk models from purple fingernails, demonstrating the versatility of this color that moves effortlessly from being Feisty now and perfect for day or night.
Of course the fashion addicted immediately grasped the new trend and have taken over. Kelly Osborne, Katy Perry and many other stars of the moment rely on purple and interpret it in a fun and original. Question: if they do it, why can’t we?