Enamel Paint for Nails

The time for a manicure is always short. Unfortunately there is often found to get the enamel late at night, after work, he has fixed up the house and who has them, that putting children to sleep. The hands, however, are important: are our business card. And if other areas of the body can hide them, they do not. They are always on display. There are glazes that we like to consider magic, which can be of great help to have perfect nails.

Infallible gel nail polish

Infallible gel nail polish L’Oréal Paris is a next generation long-lasting nail polish. It lasts at least 14 days and the application does not need the UV lamp. This product 2 in 1: one hand gives a nice bright color, the other seals the nail as a top coat.

Kiko Milano 3 in 1

One enamel, 3 products. Here’s another nice savings. When talking about Kiko not only spends a short time, but little money. This glaze low cost, which can be Mat and Shine, it is base, hardener and top coat.

Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel by Avon

You did not want to go to the beautician to apply a semi-permanent polish? Avon has thought of you, with a product that basis, vibrant color, top coat, protective, strengthening, is removed without special solvents, does not need the UV lamp and does not contain formaldehyde.

TNS Cosmetics BB nail 5 in 1

They have the BB Cream and now even the BB enamels. TNS Cosmetics has created a real beauty treatment for our nails, called BB nail 5 in 1: moisturizes the nails, enhances the color, thanks to its bright color and delicate pink, nourishes and makes it more elastic, the oxygenates and it protects them from water and harmful external agents.

BBCréme Nail by Orly

It is similar to the product of TNS Cosmetics because it represents a complete product. It should not be applied together with other glazes. The formula is based on hyaluronic acid and vitamiva C, provides hydration and protection from UV rays, for white nails, smooth and durable.

Maybelline Dr Rescue all in one

A unique product is able to satisfy all the needs of our nails? Maybelline ensures yes. Dr Rescue All in One is a 3-in-1 treatment to fix the nail polish, protect and strengthen nails.

Collistar 3 in 1

Here is the flagship of Collistar. This works as a base enamel, because it facilitates the application of the paint and protects the nail from the colored pigments, is empowering, avoiding to loose thanks to the presence of methionine, an amino acid that favors the formation of keratin. Furthermore, it is a fixer, accentuates the brightness of the enamel and it does last longer. Applied in the following days, brighten their color.

Rimmel London 5in1 Nail Base e Top Coat

5in1 Nail Base and Top Coat is perfect as a base as a fixed enamel. Thanks to its dual function is a perfect product to take on holiday and to keep on hand at all times: you can put it under and over the enamel getting the result of two products in one.

New York Color strip me base coat

If you have always counted the minutes and a life with a busy schedule, even mundane, NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat is a very attractive base because it protects the nail and allows to remove the polish quickly without using the solvent. In short, you can change nail polish as often as you change clothes and zero effort.

Sally Hansen Complete Care 4 in 1 Nail Treatment e Double Duty Base & Top Coat

Double Duty Base & Top Coat is a great product signed by Sally Hansen, brand specialized in the production of glazes. It is a base and at the same time a top coat. Wishing there is Complete Care 4 in 1 Nail Treatment that protects, strengthens, encourages the growth of nails and protects polish from chipping classic.