Ecological Bags for Safety Belts, Fashion and Preservation

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Ecological Bags for Safety Belts, Fashion and Preservation, Tips
Ecological bags are fashionable, both in terms of beauty and preservation. For today we of the team of Not1 we will talk about the Ecological Bags made of Safety Belt, See:
Ecological Bags made from Safety Belt:
The idea may seem a bit strange, but the result was simply a success !! Here’s how the idea came about:
Well, every day thousands of people buy new cars and / or sell theirs. Already the old cars are often discarded, going to the old iron and etc. And the seat belts are among the objects that saw garbage !! Then came the idea, let’s reuse and take better advantage of this material, which is a Luxury!
And that’s how Dana and Melanie Harvey began to create and produce purses with car belts. The interesting thing is that this material besides being very resistant is very malleable, which brings a lot of profit for the buyers.
In addition to being environmentally friendly, the purses are even striking because they are beautiful and chic! Perfect for modern and innovative women… without forgetting that the colors chosen are always the latest trends and trends.
In addition to colors, the textures know how to value a purse… Actually a recyclable piece.
The most interesting is the variety of models is great… Back bags, hand models, various, colors and shapes. Just look at the photos… And the interesting thing is that these models show that there are no limits to walk well dressed and correctly.
** Did you like the Models ?? So comment your opinion here on Not1.


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