Eco Friendly Gardening Tips

With fine weather and warm and bright days the urge of being outdoors is felt, along with the desire to have green and flowered balconies, gardens and terraces. Thanks to the crisis on the one hand and the rampant desire for the other, organic is gaining momentum tended to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs on the balcony of the House. According to Franciscogardening, the trendiest gardening has as testimonial Michelle Obama and his famous attempt of organic garden set in place in the gardens of the White Housewe see how to get products to put on the table, well kept and grown up with our hands and our Green thumbs.
VASES: the first step is to obtain the vessels where planted the seedlings.The best advice is to choose pots, rather deep if you want to grow vegetables in addition to herbs. 40 cm deep can be fine for getting plants and lush products. To preserve the aesthetics and make balcony remains pleasant to look at, try to compose your pots alternating vegetables, which often have a nice green foliage and in some cases (the zucchini, for example) also have beautiful flowers, flowering plants such as petunias and marigolds.
LAND: before filling the pots with soil, pour on the bottom a layer expanded clay, use the universal soil with the addition of a 10% sand.If you have any friend or relative who has a garden, try to ask him to give you a little earth, surely the best solution.
Planting: in any department store and in all nurseries in this period you will find both the seeds that the plants be placed in planters.Go there with your children, it will be nice for them to choose what they will plant and will grow. In addition in many big nurseries there is also the area of pets, a real fun for kids! After having choices, puts in place your seedlings, consider doing this work in the absence of sunlight that otherwise would burn the roots. Distanziatele ma non troppo: don’t suffer especially crowded because the moisture that is created helps them.
WATERING and fertilizing: better not to water, will be a shock to small plants, pour water in the borders, the Earth will absorb it all.Unimproved too because you could burn the roots, if you want to be truly organic cultivators, choose the topsoil of earthworm.
Behold, ye have the basics. You can join this little adventure together with your children. They will learn through experience some small notion of Botany will grow what usually found at the supermarket in a plastic tray. Intrigued, will test some new flavor definitely (my son’s friends have all discovered and appreciated the chives) and what satisfaction when they return home with a bowl full of strawberries or tomatoes!