Easy Diaper Cakes Models

Creating decorations for a baby shower does not have to be something very complicated, being able to do with some ease decorative items that will add a very special touch to the occasion.

Easy Diaper Cakes Models

One of the most interesting ideas is the diaper cake. Here’s a step-by-step guide, and several easy-to-make diaper cakes.

How to Make a Diaper Cake Step by Step

For this step by step you will need the following materials: 60 diapers, cardboard, fabric, hot glue, 70 elastics and satin ribbons. Check out one of the models of diaper cakes easy to make, step by step.

Step 1 – Start by picking up a closed diaper and twisting it. Then, with the diaper tightly wrapped, secure with one of the elastics, so that it stays that way.

Step 2 – After doing the first one, you can then repeat step 1 with all the diapers.

Step 3 – Cut the carton in a circular shape, with the same diameter as a cake base. You can use this base as a template. Then cover with the fabric, and set very well behind with the help of hot glue. On the edge you can use paper laces to give a very beautiful finish.

Step 4 – In the center of the base you made, put four standing diapers in a square, and fasten with a rubber band so that they fit together. Then add other diapers to this set, being careful not to break the elastic. The base of the diaper cake should be with 30 diapers.

Step 5 – Arrange everything very well, so that this first layer fills the base well.

Step 6 – Repeat this process to make the following two layers. The second layer should be with 20 diapers, and the last one with 10 diapers.

Step 7 – Finally, using the satin ribbons, wrap each layer, ending with a loop, bought or made with the same tape.

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