Easter Eggs with Toys for Children 2017

Easter is coming and many moms are already starting to research what the market news, prices and etc …
As the children love Easter Eggs With Toys, we select the news of the most famous brands in the market. Check it.

Easter Eggs With Children’s Toys 2017

We have found 20 Easter Eggs that will please children of all ages!

1-Easter Egg Moana

Inspired by Disney’s latest success, it comes with an acquacopo that refers to the princess’s adventures at sea.
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2-Egg Tortuguita To Mount – Arcor

From chocolate to milk, it brings a scene to ride and play.
The options available are camping, with the character’s miniature in adventurous style, and space with an astronaut Tortuguita.
In addition to setting the scenery in different ways, it is also possible to customize the character with the stickers that accompany the toy.

3-Easter Egg Simpsons-Arcor

P romete to please not only the children, but people of all ages. The egg comes with a Homer mug, with a donut-shaped handle. There are two different models to collect.

4-Egg Tortuguita Headphone-Arcor

Previous Easter success, the back of this milk chocolate egg is a request of countless consumers fans of the character. In 2017, the product comes with a new design.
There are two available headphone colors: purple and yellow, both with the face of the printed Turtle.

5-Peppa Pig Easter Egg

Special moments deserve to be celebrated! This Easter surprise those you love with the Easter Egg To the Milk of D’elicce.
Inspired by the character Peppa Pig, this egg has the delicious taste of milk chocolate and a lunch box so children can take their favorite character with them.
Make Easter a treat party with the D’elicce chocolates that everyone loves!

6-Easter Egg My Little Pony To Milk

Gift the one you love this Easter with the delicious Easter Egg to Kinder’s Milk .Inspired by the characters of My Little Pony , this egg has the irresistible taste of milk chocolate Kinder and a beautiful pony, so the children can play and delight.

7-Easter Egg Star Wars 2017

Those who love adventure will love the Star Kinder Egg. There are two amazing surprises in the Easter Egg: X-Wing with R2D2 and the T-Fighter with Darth Vader.And the fun continues in Kinder Egg with the iconic Star Wars ships and other amazing surprises.

8-Easter Egg

The NESTLÉ® brings the classic NESTLÉ® surprise for Easter 2017 and promises tosurprise the nostalgic fans of chocolate, success in the 80 and 90. The product, which scored more than a generation with its collectible cards, returns with the collection “Dinosaurs” .
Made with milk chocolate, the novelty will be available in three versions and each accompanied by an album and 10 cards to collect.
9- Egg Superman Repeating the success of last Easter, the greatest superhero in history continues in the portfolio of Arcor. In 2017, the milk chocolate egg is accompanied by a man of steel.”
This time Arcor will bring two versions of Steel Man in his most contemporary uniform, derived from the editorial line “Novos 52”

9-Easter Egg Batman

The famous superhero arrives in an egg with milk chocolate milk and a Batman figure with wings to cheer the fans of Gotham City. ”
In 2016 Lacta brought his “Bat” Egg with a small toast lunch box, this time will come a Batman figure derived from the longs in animations “Batman Unlimited”.

10-Easter Egg Avengers

Avengers Boy’s Milk Chocolate Egg, comes with a collectible Captain America mug, Iron Man, Thor or Hulk. ”

11-Easter Egg Surprise Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s Nestlé milk chocolate egg, comes with a Spider-Man briefcase. ”

12-Easter Egg Surprise Princesses

Nestlé milk chocolate egg with Disney princesses, comes with a beautiful castle.

13-Chocolate Egg To Milk Masha And The Bear

The launch comes with new packaging in the box format and several options of collectible gifts, such as the house with the characters of the drawing.

14-Easter Egg The Lion King – Kopenhagen

Last year Kopenhagen already brought the Lion King theme to Easter. Due to success, this year the brand bets again on Disney’s design with a travel cushion as a gift.

15-Egg Time Of Adventure

Fun, flavor and awareness are part of the Egg with Finn’s Adventure Time Safe.
The delicious chocolate egg accompanies a piggy bank and tips to teach children early on to save and organize finances. The kids will love it!
Do not use the piggy bank without the supervision of an adult.

16-Easter Egg Superman Arcor

The greatest superhero in history is depicted in a milk chocolate egg that comes along with a mug that shines while being embedded in its base.

17-Easter Egg Minnie And Mickey Mouse

Kopenhagen is gearing up to launch Minnie and Mickey’s new Easter eggs. The milk chocolate bark is decorated with colorful dragons, so the kids love it.
The toast is a virtual reality glasses, which ensures a true immersion on the screen of the smartphone.

18-Easter Egg Chocomonstros

The Chocomonstros line has gained news. The gift of the time is a plush cap, which accompanies the 160g egg.

19-Egg Baton Fazendinha

This gift “Fazenda” by Garoto brings together a rabbit and chocolate egg. The child also gets to toast some little paper animals to assemble.

20-Egg Of The Class Of Monica

The milk chocolate egg weighs 100g and is accompanied by a doll with Toy Art footprint.
The characters available are Monica, Chives, Magali and Cascão. It’s an Arcor release.
Did you like the tips of Easter Eggs With Children’s Toys 2017? Do you already know which one to buy for your child?