Earrings for Each Type of Face

Do you know which earring model is able to value your face format? We are passionate about earrings and all sorts of semi jewelry that have the signature Herreira, of course. More than that, we believe in a democratic fashion and no rules. However, it is undeniable that some tricks and hints of visagismo help to further enhance the traits of each type of face. Since the earring is the element that most draws attention to the face, then let’s suggest here, models that tend to value them.

It is cool to remember that all the earrings indicated in this post were developed by the Herreira semi jewelry wholesale and therefore possess a unique and exclusive design, in addition to impeccable quality and finishing, which values even more their production. We hope you enjoy your tips and write us to tell you what you found and if you really work with you.
Bet on geometric earrings if your face type looks like the actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Note that the larger portion of the earrings tends to fill the most tapered jaw, giving prominence and volume to this region of the face.
The face of the round type goes well with long medium length pieces or then with small earrings, trapped to the earlobe. The earrings of the Atlantic Rainforest Collection with gold bath and black stones highlight even more in the brunettes or blacks.
Models of earrings such as the Copacabana collection, with a pendulum or drop format combine with the square face, as the highlight of the piece is at the end, near the chin.
The round face is almost the same case as the oval face, asks for long and dry anyway earrings. Our darling is the gondola earring, pure charm!
Much like the case of who has the long face, the inverted triangle usually works well with earrings that have the smallest format in the ear lobe and gains volume on the bottom. That’s for medium-length earrings. In this case, avoid exaggeration. Our indication is the Leblon earring, full of style.
For those who don’t know…
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