Earache in Baby

Earaches are terrible and are one of the main causes for poor disposition and irritability of the baby.

Earache in Baby

Earaches, also called otitis, are very common in children under 5 years due mainly to the ingress of water into the ear, bacteria or the remnants of flu and colds.

Some children are more likely to suffer from ear and ear pain, the risk of infection increases due to the use of pacifiers, the horizontal position at the time of suckling, and the attendance at day care centers and day care centers where the cold virus is easily flu are more active.

Breastfeeding helps prevent ear infections.

Symptoms of Earache in Baby

  • Cry
  • Irritation
  • Lack of appetite, difficulty in eating solids and suckling
  • Moderate fever, not to exceed 38.5ºC
  • Scratching the ear with infection.

Treatment of earaches in baby

You should always consult your doctor to prescribe the best treatment, assessing its severity, not all pain is the same and it is important that the doctor decides the best treatment. Treatment for ear pain in babies is done through analgesics, antipyretics and anti-inflammatories.

The treatment with antibiotics eliminates the microorganisms, but the liquid can take up to three months to be reabsorbed by the body, what causes that the child during this period can suffer again of pains and to have fever, the recurrence rate of the otitis is quite great and if it is the case of your baby it is important to be well accompanied by the doctor, because frequent earaches and earaches can lead to hearing problems and a delay in the development of the child’s language.

In addition to much affection parents can do little to relieve earaches in babies, to relieve a little can put a warm cloth (warm with the iron) on the outside of the ear of the baby.