Today I want to pass a tip a little different. I’m going to tell you what my favorite shopping sites. Who accompanies me on snapchat (minhasdikas) you’ve seen that I’m “the mad” of e-commerce. I love a little shopping on the internet and almost everything I buy is by computer.
It’s not because I’m not consumerist, and Yes to facilitate my life. Since supermarket, pharmacy, even clothes and shoes. Searching, it is always possible to find items with great values and less of a physical store.
How do I know that still today there are people who don’t buy anything over the internet because you’re afraid to put out a clone card, don’t deliver, anyway. Today I’m going to pass on tips of the sites we usually buy that don’t usually make mistakes in delivery or in products, and also never had any kind of problem. This does not include only the child but also my world! The links to the site are titles!
I want to make it clear that this is not a paid post and none of these sites that I cite has no connection with the blog.
Come on!
Onofre Drugstore-Use practically every week to buy items of Pharmacy and medicines that do not require a prescription. I love a drugstore, and stop to buy some medicine means that I’m going back with all releases of children’s cosmetic and some nonsense. Then buy the internet just what I need. Advantage: Delivery within 4 hours!
Raymond and Dafiti–Are fashion sites, that sell the top brands on the market. The Raymond is my favorite site for years to buy clothes. Got the shakes I love most and you know that any more specific or sets, there have. For example; you you want a schism Black Lace blouse. If you enter what you want in the search of the site will find dozens of models and values for all pockets. Are super helpful if you need to return and if you don’t like the product, return the money within pre stipulated for them. Already the Dafiti is an alternative to cheaper brands and a lot of variety, plus a children’s Department with enough clothing and footwear with great price. There’s so much in the site that is easy to get lost. But it pays to get promotions. What’s nice is that often I was presented the request in less than 24 hours.
Ebay–This is a temptation. Selling products from all over the world. But my focus is always on more products cheap and I don’t be in a hurry to receive. Because it can often take on average 2 months to come here. I’ve done a post explaining the basics of Ebay and things you bought for them as babies ( see here). Today buy much makeup and stuff for me. China’s products cost so cheap that even worth the wait. For example, I bought earrings (these maxi earrings) I love use for $2, the doll Elsa R $14, some crayola kits, anyway. What you imagine, you have to buy there.
Deposit of socks Are Jorge–the traditional March 25 store sells all the site too! Has everything for intimate maternity fashion and buy socks, underwear, pajamas. You can also find those items to gravidinhas as a midfielder, girdles and bra for breastfeeding.
Americanas , Submarino and Wallmart-Sites that usually buy frequently to all! Since books, toys, electronics, diapers, anyway… always search among them to see the best value and term.
Extra-Do a good part of my grocery shopping for Extra website, delivering at home or still has the possibility of withdrawing there. I take it all Wednesday have much promotion of fruits, vegetables and vegetables. Is the cheapest I can find and buy on line, always comes everything right and good.
C & A–I love the C & A, is for adults and for children. The site has several promotions and what I like is that they deliver very fast.
Privalia and Coquelux–Are two discount shopping sites. Like an outlet. I always get to find cheap parts for girls. Just keep an eye! If you register in the newsletter they send daily brands entering the day. This week bought in long sleeve Pajamas for Privalia R $17 for girls. Always usually have cool brands for us also with an amazing price. The downside is that it takes to get the parts and always is the “left” of other collections. But you can find brands like Cris Barros, Reinaldo Lourenço, Thelure, etc. with 70% discount.
Baby Store and Tricae–Are two sites that I buy enough for the girls. The Bebe Store has absolutely everything! It was the site that more used to buy items such as baby bottle, pacifier, toys, accessories, backpack, lunchbox… has absolutely everything that a baby needs. To the walk of the girls bought there for an excellent price. I love the clothes and shoes because I always have discounts on great brands. I’ve had some problems with delay in delivery but nothing that has not been resolved. Tricae already I think great to buy shoes and clothes, not-so-known marks and a great price. You know that character shoe that your son want? you find on this site. Have a few cute patterned, many tennis will have 1 of each. Has several interesting promotions and worth.
Trivial-it’s not exactly an e-commerce, but you can choose everything, put it in the cart and they come in contact to decide the payment. Is a brand of frozen foods or to receive fresh on a daily basis. Buy much the TV Dinner, which are individual plates that already comes assembled. Gives perfect for me or to divide the girls. That’s what saves me on the weekends!
These are sites that in general tend to fulfill that offer. Of course you can always give some little problem but how are trusted sites, usually have a SAC that solves well.
Liked the tips?