Dutch Football League Playoffs

After the regular season, is also in the 2010-2011 season, the playoffs playing again. In a “play-off” to fight two clubs from the Premier League to maintain professional football at the highest level. From Jupiler League battle eight clubs to promotion to the Premier League. Eventually there will be two of a total of 10 teams will play next year at the highest level in the Netherlands.

Direct Marketing And Relegation

Outside of the playoffs, there are two clubs that change positions. Master in Jupiler League promoted directly to the Premier League. The last number in the league relegated directly to the Jupiler League football.

Structure Does Not Change

The design of the playoffs for promotion and relegation this year does not change. This means that these clubs will compete in the playoffs:

  • The numbers 16 and 17 in the league
  • 4 periodekampioenen of Jupiler League
  • the fourth highest ranked clubs in the Jupiler League as not periodekampioen

The clubs in Jupiler League will be placed in a “constructive arrangement”. It is assumed the final position of the Jupiler League. After the completion of the league this arrangement will appear here.

Fictitious Final Stand Eredivisie 2010-2011

Balance 05.08.2011

Periodekampioen And Overall Champion

RKC Waalwijk are masters of Jupiler League and promotes directly to the Eredivisie.

playoff; Schedule And Rules

The playoffs are done in three rounds. The KNVB is the “best of three” abandoned. This means that each round consists of a so-called knock-out round consisting of two matches. The rules briefly summarized as follows:

  • team over the two legs have the best goal difference, wins
  • goals in a uitwedstiijd expect a tie ‘double’
  • when a tie is the first 2x 15 minutes extended
  • shootout will be taken to a tie after overtime.

Contests And Data

Round 1: 10 and May 13, 2010:
Round 19 and 22 May 2010:
* Win on penalties
Round 26 and May 29, 2010:
Excelsior and VVV Venlo remain in the Eredivisie.