Down Sweaters Reviews

Down sweater – the little brother of the down jacket

Down jackets and down sweaters have long proven itself: a good goose simply offers the best ratio of heat output to weight. Goose down are warmer than duck down. Also down warm with a high bulking power (700-800 cuin) particularly well. Why should I use this light, cosy warm material only for the outer layer? This should not be one! Down sweaters are the practical evidence.

Down sweater – outer layer, sometimes sometimes lining

no matter what time of year, it is worth always to have a down sweater in the luggage. At milder temperatures, it serves as a jacket, if you have need for wind or in the shade. Otherwise, he’s in the backpack. Since very small Pack settle down sweater and little rock, he is an ideal companion here. The temperatures drop, however, deeply into the red, it’s called shift for the down sweater, and he serves as a cosy warm insulation layer under the outside jacket.