Down Sleeping Bags

Cuddly warm wrapped in a down sleeping bag

, Down sleeping bags are the first choice when the mercury in the thermometer moves perilously close freezing point. In the snow and cold it comes on it a good sleeping bags to keep warm the dormant body and protects him from frostbite. Different experiences with sleeping bags show in terms of mountain sports, trekking, expedition or just ordinary camping, that goose down filling material represents the best warmth – to-weight ratio in combination with springs. Ambitious mountaineers, alpinists, but also outdoor sports enthusiasts and nature lovers therefore like to fall to goose down sleepingbag.

Down sleeping bag versus synthetic sleeping bag

Expedition, mountaineering or trekking tour is for ambitious mountaineers and alpinists on light weight and a small pack size of Alpine and mountaineering equipment. It can actually save quite a few grams when choosing a down sleeping bag. Down has the better insulating properties compared to synthetic fibres. The goose is lighter than the synthetic fibre filling several times. Down sleeping bags are also more compressible in their pack size. A warm synthetic sleeping bag is a bulky and heavy ball automatically, while the package of down sleeping bags compared filigree and easily. There are both in form of mummy and egg.

The filling quantity and bulking power in cuin set the tone

, The level describes the amount of goose down and feathers, which is located in the Chambers of a down sleeping bag. The bulking power of goose down – or even fill power – is measured, however, in cuin and indicates which Ausdehunungskraft has the down after compression. Ever higher so the sleeping bag has the cuin number, the more bulking power and down and the higher is the quality of the down.

Pros and cons down

down sleeping bag in outdoor and mountaineering are the first choice when it comes to a light, compact, warm sleeping bag. However, the fill goose down is only then so much heat insulating, when it is dry. Is down once wet, then the thermal insulation will be greatly reduced. Therefore, people who often reside in humid and hot regions, automatically to synthetic fibre, because it dries faster again accessible. So when it comes to the best warmth – to-weight ratio in a sleeping bag, then a down sleeping bag is the non plus ultra as.