Dolce Evo Trip Specialized

The company administrator and creator of Ciclofemini Bicycle School, Claudia Franco, in partnership with Specialized, decided to gather some friends to take a trip. But not an ordinary trip-they’ll just put the wheels on the road for three days, riding the bike and taking just the basics of basic baggage! The idea is also to test the new Dolce Evo bike and show that women of different ages can pedal and feel the taste of freedom and adventure around the world.
The starting point for the Dolce Evo Trip-Specialized cycling will be the free practice of Masp on November 20 at 6:30 am. “Our destination will be the region of Alto Tietê-Vale do Paraíba (SP). Let’s get to know and explore the sights of Mogi das Cruzes and Guararema, places of surprising stories and beauties, “says Claudia.
From Paulista Avenue, the six cyclists cycle to Luz Station, where they take a train to Mogi das Cruzes, and settle in the last wagon, where bicycles are allowed.

Dolce Evo Trip Specialized
In Mogi, they will run about 50 km passing through the center and clearing asphalt and dirt roads of the municipality. They stay in the city and, the next morning, they head towards Guararema. “On the second day will be 60 to 70 km of pedal for a region rich in nature and historical-cultural attractions,” says Claudia, experienced in this type of travel.
They spend the night in Guararema and, on the third and last day, they still do some walks there. In the early afternoon, they take the train back to São Paulo.
During the course the cyclists will be accompanied by the photographer Guto Gonçalves (Studio13), specialized in sports, and also make personal records-sharing their experiences in their communication channels and social networks. The idea is to gather vast material for the production of reports and a documentary.

The Cyclists

Claudia Franco, 54, creator of Ciclofemini Escola de Bicicleta: administrator and systems analyst, she has a successful career in computer science and has set up her own consultancy, but she has changed her consolidated career of 32 years between big companies to make a living On two wheels. It all started five years ago, on the eve of her 49 years, when a friend invited her to participate in a mountain biking competition in Patagonia. “Since I always enjoyed a challenge, I accepted the invitation on time. The only ‘detail’ was that I did not even know how to ride the bike, “he says. With a borrowed bike, she began her self-learning and created a blog to share her experiences and achievements – work that resulted in the creation and consolidation of Ciclofemini Bicycle School in São Paulo. Currently Claudia is dedicated to teaching people to discover a new world with the bicycle. “Putting someone to pedal is like dropping a bird from the cage!”
Ana Paula Urzedo, 44, a medical dermatologist: she always liked to pedal, but as a pleasure. A few years ago, observing people training on the road, started to feed the dream of having a performance bike and taking the activity more seriously. “On a trip to New York three years ago, I finally bought a speed. My friends at the gym got up too, but we trained together sporadically. Most of the time I would ride alone. And in one of these I met Claudia Franco, who invited me to participate in the Ciclofemini Platoon. I was super happy: now I have company to train and travel, “he says.
Marina Richwin, 27, a marketing analyst: Since she was very young, she has experienced all sports. “I went to the club and every week I enrolled in a kind of class: I practiced basketball and Olympic gymnastics in football and judo. But I was 17 when I met: I knew the adventure race and I fell in love. I started to train seriously and I never stopped. I am currently running and pedaling almost every day and rowing every now and then. “The bike, in particular, is much more than a sport for Marina. “It’s my daily mode of transportation, it gives me freedom and a great feeling of independence and well-being.” Despite all the involvement with the bike, this will be his first cycle ride. “I think it will be an incredible form of self-knowledge, a unique opportunity to meet new people and new people, and of course to have a lot of fun.”
Marjorie Vieira Batista, 39, medical infectologist: passionate about sports, especially those who have contact with nature and with other people, her whole life Marjorie used the bike as a means of transport. “But I wanted more: I always watched the road bike competitions and was impressed by the squads,” he says. Only in July of that year did he decide to buy his bicycle. “The first step was to seek advice to practice sports safely. And in a catalog I received, I read a story by Claudia Franco. I did not think twice and got in touch to schedule lessons in sneakers and piloting. So she invited me to join the group and today we train three times a week, religiously. “On cycling, she expects challenges and fun. “These experiences are forever in our lives, they are challenging, they take us out of the comfort zone and set us free.” Noemi Mazzaro, 32, trade marketing: standing still has never been with her. “I love to play sports and it does not matter the day or the schedule. I always liked gym and did not miss bodybuilding classes for nothing. And after I met cycling, I fell in love. The bike showed me a different world, brought new friends and the desire to seek to overcome my limits, “he says. This is what Naomi expects of the journey. “I want to finish this challenge more with great joy and cheer!”
Yara Achôa, 49, a journalist: she started running 10 years ago and the sport changed her life. “It was a watershed: I lost weight, improved self-esteem, discovered a strength I did not even know I had, and transformed my career path. After all, after that, I focused my work on health, wellness and sports, “he says. And it was far in its conquests. “I completed seven marathons among countless other events.” Five years ago, Yara started using the bicycle as a means of transportation, making small trips around the city. “When Claudia called me for this cycle ride, my reaction was to ask, ‘Seriously, are you really inviting me?’ I have runnin ‘and runner’s luggage, but I know that bike is different. So since the end of August, in addition to my running and gym training, I started to pedal with the Ciclofemini Platoon on the bike lane, increasing my mileage and speed. It was an emotion to make my first long … I can say that I was 8 to 80 kilometers in a short time and I found the bike a new passion! “The trip, which is coming, has been giving a little chill in the belly of the journalist. “The girls in the group are more experienced and this worries me a bit. But I also know that I have strength of will and I am training to accompany them.It’s gonna be awesome!”

A Bike

The Dolce Comp Evo is the bike that will help you discover “where that trail will go”, where very few arrive … Developed to face any adventure on roads, rough terrain and gravel with comfort and safety, this is yours Vehicle for all your pedals. Always ready to face challenges and built with feminine geometry for endurance, stable piloting helps you overcome your limits, both physically and geographically. Zertz grafts on the fork, in turn, dampen the vibrations of the path providing much softer and fun pedals.

The Apois

Dolce Evo Trip has the following support: Specialized, Thule, Pedal Power, Estúdio13, Tourism Office of the City of Mogi das Cruzes, Tourism Office of the City of Guararema and Hotel Guararema Parque Hotel.
Thule: Stylish, smart and robust saddlebag systems and bike liners that will be used in cycling. Ideal for long walks or to go back and forth from work, the Thule Pack ‘n Pedal line includes products for handlebars and saddlebags, as well as luggage carriers and side supports.
Pedal Power: adjusted the participants’ bikes for the trip. Body Geometry Fit aims to improve power, allowing for longer pedals and total comfort.
Studio13: specialized in indoor and outdoor sports images, is led by photographer Guto Gonçalves.