Do You Wear Pants with Running Tights

The appropriate running pants for more performance and fun at the race!

Opinions differ pants to work. Some swear by the casual, classic “jogging pants”, others may prefer tight-fitting tights Lycra. Very urban man doesn’t look however it and the tight is just walking or at home on the sofa, as well as long underwear, while the jogging pants even in everyday life is quite versatile. However, an adjacent sports pants provides optimum wearing comfort, she hardly feels because she is like a second skin and also rustles and flutters nothing that is also an important aspect for ambitious runners with regard to the air resistance. Here, there are some tips on choosing the right tights and ¾ tights for women and for men.

What actually constitutes running pants and what I watch when purchasing?

Running clothes should consist of functional material in any case. That of when the socks and stop with the CAP. The times, where it jogs with Baumwollhoody and thicker Baggypant through the area, are at the latest since the turn of the Millennium past. Breathable clothing offers outstanding moisture management, what is highly intense activities such as running, jogging, running, trail running of great importance. So overheating or excessive cooling be effective depending on the weather conditions vorgebeug. But the question does not arise in running pants to fit. Here, you have to do it that are very flexible due to the proportion of spandex, without constricting with tight-fitting trousers of synthetic. The fit is permanently maintained. Flat seams for smooth comfort and some running pants have thinner ventilation inserts in the knee, calf or in the lumbar section. Running pants in different variants can be used all year round. There are long models, ¾ tights and short tights for men and women or hot pants to work for ladies. Below 15 ° C, and in particular in wet cold weather no longer runs with uncovered knees should be made. The joint will not unlikely see ungrateful after frequent confrontation with bare cold. Just access to the practical ¾ tight when cool weather during the transitional period and in cold weather the long Variant choose. In the summer or during the competition the short models are lighthearted Companion. Next to zipper pockets, reflectors, elastic waist and a Zipper at the hem for easier on and pulling out are practical details on running pants! Keep on going with high-quality running pants from Pearl Izumi, Salomon, Montura or Dynafit!