Do (11)

With do to the shoe on Winter hike

When the trail is snow-covered or icy, do provide firm grip and footing. Do are a form of crampons, which are strapped directly under the shoe. In contrast to crampons do have smaller teeth, need no special footwear and can attach to any fixed boot if necessary. So can be slippery terrain or icy paths without any problems crossing.

When must do?

Everyone in the winter or in the spring to hike go wants, should necessarily plan in the hiking baggage do. When it comes to travel longer distances to snowbound or icy through Grödel are not only very useful, they also provide the certain level of security. With dangerous descents it is not harm, in addition to consolidate the State.

What do for which site?

Usually do have four or six points and with strap under the boot strapped. 4-tooth Grödel should be used especially on light routes. On snow-covered or icy walking routes is with them ensures optimal hold. Will you walk away from the usual way, a 6 tooth is recommended. So also steep, rough terrain can be overcome by the extra spikes.