Diy Vase Lonely

We been talking a long time about recycling and reuse. Our speech is always illustrated with examples that arise from good designs developed by designers and artisans from all over the world, and that the US is keen to disclose here on the Blog of the kite.
But, so far, have shown little initiatives that we put into practice every day in the Office. I think it is also worth bringing some of our ideas here for the blog and teach readers how to do it.
Everything we do is very simple. However, simplicity doesn’t mean lack of planning. Even the simplest design requires study and planning. This methodology we apply in every project we develop, Office decoration object to a website or graphic design for a book.
And is researching and observing our consumption habits that now and we get a good idea of reuse. The solitary vessels (that of loners have nothing because they live together) is a good example of this.
Bottles are objects that everyone has. These we use are semi-sparkling type wine. I don’t remember the brand, what caught my attention most was the black capsule. I couldn’t play out an object so beautiful. From there it was just thinking about harmonic colors and a decor that’s so simple it’s funny.


Split up two bottles of the well and wash semi-sparkling to remove any residue of wine.Washing needs to be very careful not to damage the casing. Then we bought, in a big city, attacked two stems of artificial flowers. We chose red and yellow daisies. For the final adjustment a black satin ribbon. The wave of reuse we use those tapes that come tailored to clothing and are used to hang them on hangers.


The tape was used only to attach the top of the stem that splits into three. In addition to this function, the tape gave a more sophisticated design, resembling a bow tie.
A pair of home vases that leave any corner more cheerful and more charming.