Diy: Make a Modern Floating Wooden Lamp!

TUTORIAL – Start in the making of this original lamp that will appeal to followers of natural decoration.
What if you bring a natural touch to your home? This lamp, with its delicate red rope wrapped around a piece of driftwood, has enough to seduce the fitters of a woody but not boring decoration.
Because the red string and the filament bulb from also bring an industrial spirit to this creation.
Barbara Pagnier, from the blog Ma bubble deco realized for 18h39 the step by step of this original lamp.
To your tools!

Tools And Materials:

A wooden plank of about 40 x 10 cm (here a wooden pallet fall)
A piece of driftwood, picked up on the beach
A brush
The multi-media painting
A decorative filament bulb
A sleeve
2 brass fittings
The wire cable red cloth
A switch  and a plug
A drill-driver and wood drill bits
A sanding pad and coarse sandpaper
An electrician’s screwdriver
A cutter or stripper
A large wood screw
A clip 2 in 1 : cable cutter and wire stripper

Tutorial For Making A Float Lamp:

1 – Sand the board. It will serve as a base for our lamp.
2 – Paint the board with a brush. Two layers will be necessary for a beautiful rendering. Let dry.
3 – We will mount the socket on the fabric cable. Strip the electrical wires with a wire stripper. Then, screw a brass fitting onto the socket. Pass the cable inside.
4 – Place the stripped wires in the small holes provided for this purpose. Secure them with the screwdriver.
5 – Drill the board from below when the paint is dry.
6 – Also drill the board on the side to join the first hole drilled. These holes will serve to pass the electric cable inside.
7 – Drill the driftwood at the point where the electrical cable must pass through it.
8 – Pass the fabric cable through the pre – drilled holes. At the side hole, on the board, fix the second brass fitting in order to obtain an impeccable finish.
9 – Secure the driftwood branch to the base with a large wood screw.
10 – We will connect the lamp to electricity. To do this, cut the red cable at the desired location for the switch. Strip the cable wires. Open the switch and insert the wires, then aim. Do the same with the other piece of cable on the other side of the switch. At the other end of the second cable, connect the plug in the same way. Stripping, inserting, aiming.
11 – Wrap the red cable around the floating wooden branch in a harmonious manner. Screw the decorative filament bulb. And here’s the result !

Did you realize this tutorial? Send us your photos and your remarks , we will publish the most beautiful achievements!