Discussion of Fluorosurfactant Surfactants

In this blog post, we speak a topic that not only the throughout, has awakened. Fluorosurfactant are surfactants (PFT) due to its unique material properties not only in textiles used, but are in many industrial products used, such as in impregnations, furniture and construction materials, detergents, packaging materials, cosmetics and fire. For years these chemicals have been used safely, today knows more science, and it must take place a rethink. The problem arises the throughout.

What is it exactly?

Fluorosurfactant artificially produced surfactants, this class does not exist in nature. Now, there are also other substances that do not. Which is why sprouted a debate? For a simple reason: PFT can be today in the waters, in the atmosphere, humans and animals. Due to its specific structure, it is virtually indestructible, the stable carbon fluorine connection is resistant against all degradation processes, whether biologically by hydrolysis, UV radiation or heat. In addition she acts bioaccumulative, which means to store the links in the body of man and animal, and again, only very slowly excreted. They can be carcinogenic according to  OPELIKAFASHION.

Why use PFT in textiles?

The advantageous of the perfluorinated compounds is the thermal and chemical stability. You have a hydrophilic, hydro – and lipophoben share, which causes that the material both repels water, oil, grease as dirt and furthermore also breathable. The requirements for good outdoor are fulfilled.

What are PFT?

Fluorosurfactant or poly-fluorinated chemicals are compounds where the hydrogen atoms on the carbon skeleton are replaced by fluorine atoms completely or partially. This is achieved in industrial synthesizing either through the process of electrochemical fluoridation or through Fluorelomerisierung.
At the here shown perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) you will see the long carbon fluorine-“Tail”, which is hydrophobic, that is water repellent. Water soluble part is located on the head (right part). The hydrophilic area, makes the connection as a surfactant. Thus, mixtures of otherwise unmischbaren liquids are possible (graphics source: wikipedia)
PFT is a parent term, including for example individual groups such as PFOA, PFCA FTOH.

Diaphragm for outdoor jackets

PTFE is often used in the production of membranes. This chemical compound required as Hilffstoff PFOA and therefore it also falls into the category of harmful substances.
The research and development of Outdoorausrüster has now found alternatives, which are environmentally friendly as well as meet the high demands on quality.

Functional jackets of our planet without PTFE

The goal of our planet is the satisfaction of our customers, that turn out quality for itself as an important criterion. If a top quality equipment, the Outdoorerlebnis is for the joy. This includes also a mentality that gently treats human beings and nature. So our planet takes the current discussion and offers functional jackets with a PTFE-free membrane. You are free PFOS and PFOA – PFC free and thus environmentally friendly. The manufacturer uses the new Bionic finish materials in the outdoor fabric.
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