Dior Nails Collection

Today I found finally another time to paint my nails. What offers better currently on as the varnish from the upcoming fall collection (will be released on the 19th of August) by Dior. The paint is suitable for the theme “Blue Tie”
Dior Vernis – “Blue Denim”
Blue tie collection fall 2011 (limited edition)

  • 1 coat ‘Fill The Gap’ (essie)
    • 2 coats “Blue Denim” (Dior)
    • 1 coat “glossy top coat” (Dior – summer collection →)

Order & opacity:The job is okay – the paint is pretty thick and thus enables a high opacity after just one layer. Out of habit I decided nevertheless to two layers. Safe – sometimes it is namely streaky. The thick and rounded Pinselchen is a nice order.
Dry season:I have deliberately used the fast drying topcoat of Dior from the summer collection because I already have achieved a positive result. The topcoat can be completely dry the nails not only within a very short time (about 20 minutes), but leaves also a beautiful glossy shine.
Color:The color is a nice Denim Blue, matching the name. Also, included are very tiny, fine silver Glitterpartikel that you can see but only in direct light in the vial. This idea is as good as not visible on nails. I personally just right. Who wants to shine, should the other paint look collection, “Tuxedo”, a darker blue with much shimmer might prefer.
Overall:I like very much the paint and he fits perfectly with the rest of the collection. I am almost on the autumn, when I see various collections and collection by Dior, autumn is stylish and beautiful. The only thing I find something stupid on the varnish, is the density, but if you out the rotation, you can handle so well.
Purchase recommendation:Who is willing to spend 22,-€ for a paint can access to. Who does not want that, should look to simply, also in the drugstore, there are many beautiful shades of blue – and at a pinch you can mix Yes a bit.
Here are a few pictures:
You look forward already to the fall collection?
How do you find the color?
What are your favorite fall colors?