Dining in Kitchen Design

Fancy a little friendly dining in your kitchen? Follow the guide Marie Claire Maison! Choice of furniture, layout, small decoration, we explain you everything.
The kitchen is not only the place where it is good fussing behind the stove to whip up delicious food. It is also the place where it is pleasant to come together to share a meal in duo or more or be able to take in a hurry his
little breakfast solo simply. To create a diningworthy of the name in his kitchen, just make the space offered by smart furnishings and a sense of the organization. Here are three basic tips to build a friendly dining.

Choose His Table

> > The dimensions of the dining table
For a nice dining area in the kitchen, he must first a table adequate to the place and your expectations. And Yes, solo, as a couple or as a family, you will not need the same table! First, count how many people you want to be able to welcome to share your meal. Count a width of at least 60 cm per person. That’s the ideal measure do not encroach on the space of his neighbor and sharp elbows with him. Depth, you should also know that a 70 cm table to ask two more face to face. Of course, if you want a little extra space to put the dishes in the center of the table for ease of use, orient yourself on a measure of 90 cm.
> > The location of the table
After you set your dining needs, choose the best location for your table. Against a wall, in the continuity of the work plan, as a separation with the lounge area if you have an open kitchen: you can find the best place according to the layout of the room. But be careful not to overlook two fundamental: you must be able to move smoothly around your table and take into account the decline in seats that you will add around your table.
Although tend to have the Word table at the mouth for the creation of a dining area, kitchen made evolve this definition and offer new ways to create such a space. From now on, a meal also shares seamlessly around a work plan big enough to accommodate a part dedicated to the preparation and another at the tasting. Better yet, some islands of kitchen to have a plateau that stands out from the plan part of work and which plays perfectly the role of dining. So, know that it is quite possible to create a dining in an already existing kitchen like to predict it from its inception.
> > Table type
Traditionally, the kitchen tends to prefer for a dining table square with a capacity of at least four people. Now everyone can boast of having a kitchen large enough to accommodate 4 to 6 people for lunch.
In a small apartment or a studio, it is rare to be able to add a table worthy of this name in the kitchen area. No reason to panic, it is possible to compete with of real eating through practical ultra solutions: flaps modular table, extendable table, or table wall, plan snack, breakfast or service. The dining area has more than one trick in his bag to emerge, even in a binding dimensional space.

Choose Seats

Once the best table to your dining area, must be addressed on the case seats. And Yes, not comfortable dining without a base! Here again, no way to take things lightly, we’re in a room where one stirs a lot behind the kitchen and where tasks and splashes are commonplace. Therefore, it is better to opt for a foundation that is easy to clean and move (not too heavy of preference). In a large kitchen, nice chairs will be required. Make sure good to choose in the style of the room, not necessarily of the same material as the table but in agreement. Feel free to add small cushions to make them more comfortable.
In a small kitchen, chairs or stackable stools will be your best allies not to lose a centimeter. Do not hesitate to opt for chairs or folding stools which can be easily stored in a corner of the room. Very popular and also very convenient, the small bench could prove to be a real highlight in the layout of your room. With a few cushions that can hide some storage, give away and want to spend time in the kitchen. Don’t forget that the eating area is not only a space dedicated to the sharing of the meal, it will be welcoming better it will be.

Well To Decorate His Dining

In the kitchen, the small decoration plays a large role in the atmosphere of the room so no question of not taking care of this dining area.  According to craftinlearning, tablecloth in the spirit of the season, cushions for the seats, small towel dispenser on the table or vase trend with a beautiful bouquet of flowers: your dining area must make want to linger around a delicious puts.
If your table is near a wall, consider highlight with frames or a small wall China Cabinet in which you will expose your most beautiful plates. Last tip to sublimate all: Add a nice (easy to care obviously) carpet to visually differentiate the dining area from the rest of the room. Here, you just have to sit and enjoy this small haven of peace in the heart of the kitchen!