Dimensional Neckties: the Tie to Measure

First the suit or the shoes most men discover the fascination of handmade clothing. Next, they go to the size shirt makers and until, if ever, comes the measure tie in the series. Men’s fashion expert Bernhard Roetzel explains dimensional neckties are where you can find the rare species tie tailor who and how to get the six most common tie problems can be.

Completion of a completely individual outfits

The reason for this lack of interest may be in the mistaken impression that the orders of a measure tie is the precise execution as motivation in the foreground. Who however well copes with the standard length of a ready-made tie at ruizesolar  is a hardly see why he should drive this effort. Only for very large men or very little men degree tie provides objective fit advantages.
The allure of the binder tailored individually for the customer rather lies in the possibility of the personal wardrobe to tailored to material color and patterns, as well as to provide width and weight according to the own proportions and the desired feel. Has to order is just a summer suit in an unusual design to his tailor, you can go with a sample of this material to the tie makers and place a matching tie in order. It’s completely independent from the currently popular ideas of fashion designers in their choice. And who wears only slightly padded ties even in the depths of winter, can implement also this request in the Studio. For anyone whose interested in clothing extends down to the smallest detail, and the appearance so far as possible want to decide is the measure tie thus completing a completely individual outfits.

Levels tie makers are a rare species

To find a measure tie makers, is not easy. In Italy and France, there are some providers, in other countries you won’t find, however, in vain. Also anyone tried it directly in tie makers, whose request is rejected mostly negative.
Individual purchase orders are not possible in most cases. In this respect the budding measure tie carrier must be usually on the trip, if he wants to realize his dream. This must however not necessarily be felt as a disadvantage. On the contrary, the memory of the journey, the joy of the customized and individually sewn tie can still increase. Who may not even travel, can hope for the visit of a visiting degree tie party. Every now and then there’s trunk shows: you are a good opportunity to choose materials and to order a tie in the perfect width and length.

If the tie is not careful

Every man knows this moment: it binds to his new tie for the first time and notes with irritation, that doesn’t fit. It is too long or so short that it ends at level of the stomach. And if the length should agree, it may be the consistency, the worry is: either the tie is so thin that the node is much too narrow, or but the upper material is so thick and rough, the new piece tie can be difficult at all. Another source of resentment is the width, and not just the tip, but also at the point at which you want to loop the node. Even if all factors are right, the tie can be still unacceptable because the node through the wrong width just wants to not succeed at the thin end. Especially big men often have a problem. You must tie the knot as far back as possible so that the tie is not too short. But this creates a very meager node in most cases–eventually stood only the last, thinnest, smallest rest available.
And so it annoys is once again not to have tried the tie in the business. Usually you can not even change the new acquisition. Reason also? Because it does not fit? Most sellers would accept this argument. Therefore, it is better watch out for the next purchase. Or but you got rid of the yoke Assembly and can be from now on his ties to measure produce – watch guaranteed.

The six most common defects in the overview

Too short
A too-short tie is a problem especially for big men or contemporaries with a long torso. Only the tie helps them to measure. Unless these men get off on loop .
Too long
The standard tie is usually too long for smaller men. In such cases is like a double Windsor knot recommended, which can regulate the length – but some ties are too thick for this.
Too thin to narrow node
Ties smooth, printed silk are often supplied to thin liner. The result: The tie knot is very lean and loosens on top of that all the time. This can affect the joy of the relevant tie fast.
Too thick
If ties from heavy Jacquard or thick woollen fabrics to mighty inserts are fitted, even a simple node falls much too bulky – not to mention a Windsor knot.
Too narrow
Given a broad upper body or a lush belly, narrow ties are almost lost. Always the fashion just prescribes them, it is hard to find a suitable specimen for strong and plump men.
Too wide
What is the most beautiful silk if the tie is too wide? At a very narrow waist, even a tie by average width is oversized and therefore little elegant.
Excerpt from the book “Gentleman to measure” by Bernhard Roetzel.
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