Different Types of Camera Bags

Camera bags for every system and every purpose

With the right camera bag the camera and accessories are securely stored and organized. A decent camera bag is a worthwhile investment for any photographic equipment, because it protects the valuable equipment. If system or full-featured SLR with interchangeable lenses – the big manufacturers have the right solution for every photographer.

Different types for each camera system

A shoulder – or shoulder bag, or a waist pack, is practically on the city break or relaxing day hikes and excursions for small cameras. The comfort is significantly higher than if the camera the day is worn at the neck. In Crumpler, EVOC and Pacsafe send, absolutely suitable for city models in the range. For every taste, the best photo bag is.

Practical advantages of camera bags

Not complete, very large equipment is required, is often too much of a good a full photo backpack. A sturdy, properly padded camera bag provides the same protection and is also super organized. Reliable, practical photo pockets in the program in addition to professional camera backpacks have F-stop gear, Midshift and Lowepro. Their distribution can be adapted optimally to the needs of the individual. So camera and co are safely fixed.

What matters it in photo pockets

Because the inside of a good camera bag is properly padded and lined with soft material. Via adjustable velcro dividers, the camera and the lens are secured and thus remain protected from bumps and scratches. Some models have high quality extra features like for example an integrated rain cover. At the same time it protects dust and sand from entering the inside of the bag.
Additional small part of subjects for the lens brush, cleaning cloths and memory cards make it easier to keep equipment organized. Anti-theft travel plays an equally important role. Camera bags with appropriate safety features are offered for the city trip. So whose shoulder strap with a thin stainless steel cable is reinforced and Pilferer can just cut it with a knife.

Padded accessory pouches for lenses and co

next to a bag for your digital camera, ambitious photographers have the opportunity to transport the lenses also optimally protected. Padded lens bags the fine lenses stay organized and dust-proof stored. A corresponding quiver for stands is also a useful addition for the photographic equipment. In this, the monopod or the tripod for the transport remains optimally secured.