Differences Between Field Hockey and Ice Hockey

There are an estimated 230 000 hockey players in the Netherlands. A lot of it is connected to a club and playing in the summer field hockey in competition form. During the winter in the middle of winter, the field by many hockey fans exchanged for the room. Still, hockey is a completely different ballgame than hockey. This article tells you all about the main differences between FOH and field hockey.

Game Plan And Goals

In field hockey field is 91 meters long and 55 meters wide. The goal is 2.14 meters high and 3.66 meters wide, with a rear bulkhead. The radius of the circle is 14.63 meters. The side yard bounded by lines.
A playing field hockey is between 36 and 44 meters long and between 18 and 22 meters wide. The floorball goal is two meters high and three meters wide. The radius of the circle is nine meters. The side yard is marked with beams.


In field hockey team consists of up to 16 players, of which no more than 11 and less than eight at a time in the field.
An indoor hockey team has a maximum of 12 players, of which no more than six, at least four at a time in the competition.

Equipment: Ball And Stick

In the game of indoor hockey own rules KNHB hockey stick indicates that the room is identical to the field hockey stick. But in 90% of the rooms, the administrator requires them to use a so-called hockey hall that is required when doing this. Ice Hockey Association also recommends using special room suitable for hockey sticks because this is the joy of playing hockey and technology advantages.
Also, bandy has no official zaalhockeybal that deviates from the normal veldhockeybal. In terms of weight, size and appearance according to the rules, it zaalhockeybal identical ball used for field hockey. Nevertheless, encourages the hockey association also to use the special ball that is often used in hockey. This ball is lighter in weight.

Event Duration

2 times 35 minutes played on the field hockey, with five minutes rest. After the break is not switched banks there.
In indoor hockey games last at least 2 x 15 minutes and a maximum of 2 x 30 minutes. The rest take up to 5 minutes and then the bank switched.

To play ball

In field hockey, a player can hit the ball, give a high or low pressure and bucket. The ball may be played from the ground unless this causes a dangerous situation.
At floorball only left to shoot the ball. This is a sliding movement with the adhesive surface to the ground. A sliding stroke is not permitted. The ball will be moved over the ground in addition to a water hammer on target. When you stop the ball does not exceed 10 centimeters rebound. A ball in the air should not be moved.

The ball is out of play

Assigned a long corner at the field hockey ball unintentionally by a defender on the line.
Players can hit the ball has crossed the touchline.
If hockey with the ball unintentionally from a defender on the back line allowed uitpushen defense. Inpushen, if the ball over the sidebar has gone on up to a meter inside the bar.

Distance From The Opponent To The Ball At Set Pieces

In field hockey, the opponent must be at least five meters away.
In hockey, the distance from the opponent to the ball at set-pieces at least three meters.

Penalty Corner

At a penalty corner in the top five hockey players – including keeper- behind the baseline. The other defenders set up behind the center line. A battle can only be played back on the shelf height in the first act of shooting. The pressure should be high provided that it is not dangerous. The ball must be played outside of the circle. Penalty Corner Rules cease when the ball is more than 5 meters outside the circle.
At maximum floorball six players – including keeper- in the junior league behind the baseline with a penalty corner.In senior competition, a maximum of five players – including goalkeeper. The goalkeeper must be entered in the case and the other defenders to stand on the other side of the target than where the ball. Mag can not be beaten, one should pursue high provided that this does not endanger other players. The ball must be played outside of the circle. Penalty Corner Rules cease when the ball comes over 3 meters outside the circle.

Own goal

In hockey, it is possible that a player scores a goal.
At floorball phenomenon does not exist own goal!

Timing And Track The State

At a hockey game on the field is done by the judges.
The hall has timer mode and the time when, if it is not present this honor on the judges.