Difference Between Half Ropes and Twin Ropes

Always well secured on the half line

High quality half ropes should not lack in a well-equipped climbing equipment. Just climbers who are traveling in the Alpine area, appreciate the many benefits of half ropes. A half rope is usually with relatively thin between 7,8 and 9 millimeters in diameter. Half ropes can be used in the classical half rope technique or as a double rope in the twin train. You also allow two to increase after backing up. The use of two half ropes increased the redundancy, because the likelihood that both ropes are severed by falling rocks or sharp rock edges is relatively low. The full rope length available is also on the ropes with two half ropes.

What must withstand high quality half ropes?

A half rope must be always reliable and safe. It comes to the fall, one must rely one hundred percent on the half rope. Therefore, a half rope must be tested according to the European safety standard EN892 to be admitted at all on the market as a climbing rope. In this test, the half rope in the single strand must survive 5 standard falls with a load of the 55 kg without tearing. The rope creates 10 standard falls, it can be described as multi-fall rope. Also, the rope elongation should not exceed a certain value. All of these properties are true, the half rope as a climbing rope is approved.

On what must you look for when the semi cable buy?

Who sets to a half rope, should pay attention to some important things. If the half rope is used primarily for ice climbing and mountaineering, a good waterproofing plays an important role. By a high quality impregnating half ropes are protected from moisture, dirt and dust.
This prolongs the life many times. The diameter of the rope is important. The half rope generally, the thinner the easier it is. But thicker half ropes are simultaneously robust and again standfaehiger. Ultimately it is a matter every climber, itself the diameter of the rope he chooses. Values such as weight or climbing experience should be included but with purchasing decision in the.