Dictionary of Terms in Makeup

I was thinking about how many times we hear terms or words in cosmetics or makeup that we sound as if we were speaking in Chinese, and for this reason I thought that we could go window and make a kind of dictionary and go so knowing its meaning. Today in my blog we started to develop the personal dictionary of makeup. What if, at least for the time being won’t them to sort alphabetically. Later, if we collect enough, they can be arranged like abbreviationfinder.org.

  • Blush: blush
  • Eye Liner: eyeliner
  • Waterline: water line which are the two internal lines of eyes that come together when we are open and close.
  • Glitter: Glitter, glitter, as uds tell you.
  • Nude: Naked, in very natural colors as if not take anything.
  • Concealer: concealer
  • Prime: Prebase before makeup
  • Shimmer: bright
  • Swatches: displays of product, when we pass some shadow for example in our hand to mostar as it pigments.
  • Depotar: remove the shadows of source containers to make popsicle costumizadas
  • Guru: girl or boy that has a channel on youtube and upload videos with makeup tutorials.
  • Haul: Shopping
  • Review: Comments on the analysis and testing of the products. Review of products.
  • Waterproof: Water resistant.
  • Jumbo: Pencil thick very creamy texture which may well be of shadow, lip or multi-purpose serving for eyes, lips and cheeks.
  • Multiple: Rod of makeup used to make eyes, lips and cheeks.
  • Shadow: Shadow
  • Lipstick: Lips bar.
  • Lash (or lashes): Tabs. (False Lashes: false eyelashes)
  • Foundation: Makeup base.
  • Concealer: Corrector.
  • Gloss: Lip gloss (Glossy: bright)
  • Cleaner: Cleaner (Clean: clean, use)
  • Eyebrow: Eyebrow.
  • Nail Art: Art on nails, nail decoration. (Nails: nail)
  • Banana: is the area where the eyelid and the fixed, meet that curvita that sinks into the eyelid and that runs from roughly the area of the tear to the outer edge.
  • CI: stands for the English Court. Many girls abbreviated as well for not having to type the whole word in forums or blogs.
  • Wishlist: list of desired products.
  • Brush or brushes: brush or brushes.
  • Fix: fixed.
  • SPF: SPF.

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