Developers, Donations and Payment Apps: a Difficult Balance

Android is a huge ecosystem, largely thanks to Google Play, a store that has a lot of applications. One of the biggest attractions of our operating system is that it has an enormous amount of free applications and high quality, especially if we are talking about our device customization.
It gets a little harder when we speak of apps of payment and those that have integrated shopping (additional features, advantages in some game…). The prices are varied and each one has a different opinion about whether or not that amount to pay is fair.

Donations to support their work

An application by simple to be, is not easy to develop, take it enough time set it properly so that it works on as many devices as possible, and do it well. Several of these applications are not only free, but that you have all the possibilities without having to pay for any of them.
In these cases, somewhere in the app settings, appears a section in which a direct way or pouring a bit of humor, allows you to donate money to the developer and, in this way, thank you for your work. Is it mandatory to donate? Much less, each one decides if his work deserves to be carried a little of your money.
Is compensation the developer for their work? From my point of view, has spent time to make an application that you don’t have to pay and that the same has not even advertising, in addition to the fact that for to upload an application to store, Google takes the developer a sum of money.
I feel that this practice is being diluted in favour of putting advertising have secured money, and this can give a benefit to the developer, who, after all, deserves a reward for an effort, especially if it gives us a service that us is very beneficial in day to day.

Payment applications, hard-to-value

There are all kinds, from those that only cost a few cents up to them they are worth rather more than €10. As with other products, it is not obligatory to buy them, is in our hands to decide If it is worth paying that price for the possible benefit that we can bring, be it a game or a productivity app.
In the vast majority of cases these applications, once you have paid for them, do not have any kind of advertising or additional feature that requires you to pay to unlock it. I say in most cases because there are always some exceptions which ask for more.
When an application has a high price (see, for example, any of the Final Fantasy for Android), face us the diema of if it is worth to pay that money for that application. Always we can buy it and if not convince us, ask for the reimbursement within a certain period and is now.

Applications with payments in-app, filled with controversy

Of all the groups application, are those requiring payment within the app to unlock certain characteristics which can lead to more controlversia in the Android community. There are cases in which you will be charged for delete advertising, get advantages in a game or access complete all application options.
Although everything is subject to opinion of each one, I think that there are two very clear cases that is worth paying for unlocking all the app: Nova Launcher and Titanium Backup. Both are very popular applications and that, with the passage of time, they have remained a benchmark among the apps of the same type.
There are more cases, of course, but I’ve put these two examples because, in my opinion, its developers deserve that gratitude for a service that really gives us a remarkable benefit. Nova Launcher allows us to lose sight of the layer of customization that is annoying us, while Titanium allows us to Uninstall bloatware and save application data.
Do they deserve the money they ask for developers (whether it is in grants, in-app payments or the pay-per-download the implementing)? The answer depends on each application and each person who uses it, but what I do have clear (in my opinion) is that, at a minimum, they deserve some reward for his work and are owed support in some way.