Design or Battery: What Are looking for in a Smartphone?

few android makers market fewer than two smart phone series per year.  there are numerous models available for sale to suit all tastes and apparently we are living in the time of design vs. design. drums. this issue was already widely commented at the time of the release of the iphone 6 and the galaxy s6, but came back to the forefront this month with recent motorola launches.
the smart phone market is not high compared to its golden age, so it is common for brands around the world to strengthen their portfolios by offering options for all styles and budgets. i will use as an example for this article motorola, which was a company that until recently sold three lines of smart phones that served different types of users.
it was possible to find in moto x, moto g and moto e an experience with similar software, with decent battery life in all three and also a good design construction. this is quite different now that the company has decided to bet more on these groups of users with different requirements, that is, the hardware is very similar between the products, while the proposal of use already changes a little more.

  • do you remember when there was only the motog?

the most integral fact here is that the design and the battery no longer go hand in hand among the brand’s products. the moto c plus and moto e4 plus, for example, cost less than a thousand dollars and have large batteries, as opposed to moto z2 play, which is the premium intermediary. in the case of z2 play, the battery was put in the background this year, and this happened in favor of a more sophisticated design.
note that the brand’s average model has regressed compared to an entry-level model since the company understands that there is a larger audience in that price range that cares more about the battery. three years ago, however, the moto maxx arrived with a different proposal, being an expensive product with a generous battery. motorola bet on batteries still in style and play series, to change focus with the arrival of moto z . briefly, what the brand did was a dance of chairs between design and drums.
as i said above this is not a problem of motorola, but rather the current moment of the market, where novelties revolve around features, and who chooses the best option for himself is the user. of course, leaner, more consistent lines are always better, but if you were looking for a new smart phone today in the midst of so much variety, would you choose by battery or design?