Decoration of Environments

An environment when well decorated calls the attention of all who pass through it, can be a House, room, bathrooms, outdoors or an Office, or anywhere else.

How to use wall paper and fabrics for decoration of environments

But sometimes change the decoration of environments make much mess and this is not legal, but there are some techniques to change the décor of any environment without making any mess or dirt, the decor is fast and gives an excellent result, exactly as you expect. The first decoration of environments that we’re going to talk about is decorating with wallpaper that is quick and easy to do and doesn’t require much effort. The wallpapers can be found in several models and colors for you to change any of your home or Office environment according to vintagematters.
The wallpaper value the environment and makes them even more beautiful. To make a decoration of environments with the paper is very easy, first wipe the wall with a damp cloth and let it dry, then cut the paper to the size that you want. Before putting on the wall prepare the glue must be diluted in water, no smell and no chemistry, to make this glue is simple and comes with instructions on how to prepare them. Take the paper and glue from the Center to the edges, then fold the paper and glue again. To attach the wall, start with the roof and go rolling out. It’s always done the same procedure for the other sheets. To put them, always pass a dry cloth to remove the excess glue.

How to make environments decoration

For decorating fabric environment is also very simple. The first thing is to remove the mirrors from the taken to give a good finish. Then take the fabric and lay it on the floor, separate glue, thin nails and hammer. It takes two people to carry out this procedure. Place the fabric on the wall and hammer with nails only in part toward the ceiling. Then start ironing glue on the wall, securing the fabric, just be careful not to wrinkle. Once you have glued all the fabric, remove the nails and the final finish in the corners.
And finally, if you want to make a decoration of environments with stickers also won’t take long, clean the walls with a damp cloth and let it dry. Choose your sticker, place it on the wall, securing it with a masking tape, then remove the liner that is the white paper carefully so that the adhesive stay glued to the mask of transfer that is part transparent. Then spend a spatula, remove the mask for that cool adhesive on the wall. You can now change any decoration of environments with these techniques.