Decoration for Home and Office!

He/she hears galera! We started the week with a palpiteco sets, but this is FASHION for home and Office! You ever notice how much the universe of decoration resembles the fashion universe? Decorating a home is how to decorate the body, wear something with your personality and your style. The difference is that while the world of clothes inspires bartering, every day a different look, home decor will stand in the same place for a long time! For those who believe that to renew an environment must make high investments know you’re totally wrong, small details can make a big difference. We were in the store HOUSE FLOWER DECORATIONS, in Campo Grande (MS), and we were delighted with the variety of options for decorating the home and the Office, with super nice and good friend price (the way I love!). The owner of the store, Marlene Cardoso, is a florist and worked many years in decorating shops. She is craqueee in making arrangements and gave a super guess for those who want to change the decor of any room, quickly and practice: bet on the artificial flower arrangements!
As the song of the Titans of the 80: “The plastic flowers do not die”. In addition to durability, today they have a quality that causes people to be confused with the natural. The professionals of the business renamed as permanent plants and Yes … believe me … they are fashionable. What are the advantages? Permanent flowers don’t need to be changed every seven days and, if of good quality and well cared for, can last up to ten years. In addition, they can also be recycled in new arrangements, which allows you to redesign the environment at a low cost! Amamooosss suggestions of Marlene and did several flashes, parts store that you can find there and the wonderful arrangements she makes artificial flowers. Ahhh and for those who prefer, in HOUSE FLOWER DECORATIONS are also sold individual flowers, there you can take their own vessels and Marlene assembles the arrangement, or it can go to your House and give that “help” in the decoration! Cool neh?!
See our flashes and inspire.
Love the work of Marlene and parts of the store, all very tasteful!
Did you see that beautiful arrangements and flowers? I can’t believe you are artificial.
Whether at home or in the Office, it’s worth building an amazing place, but above all, cozy. An environment tied up with the lifestyle, connected to personal taste, is what serves as inspiration to live with more joy and satisfaction!