Decoration: Expo Revestir

This is the last post in the series that started in Part 1, of course! And now we go to the bathrooms, metals and crockery:
The Deca made a huge and beautiful stand at the entrance of the Pavilion. See also:

Right at the entrance there was this shower (SPA 3D), with 1m2 of fun: an electronic system makes the jets dance, turn somersaults, anyway. Then the well-known but beautiful children’s line (Kids) with colored metal-red and blue-and conventional bowls and boxes coupled in height ideal for small, easy clean seats (can be removed for cleaning) and slow close (Slow cover closing). The exchange of the basin from infantile to adult can be done without works.
(Gold), Electronic Single-lever Faucets (Touch Line), Matte Finish in Metals and Dishes,Minimal Bath Columns with Speakers, Deca Sense Monocomplete (activated with touch on part of the piece and with Led that changes from Color according to the temperature of the water), tank (L1044) with hidden drain valve with metal grate, cylindrical vats and a lot of newsthat can not speak here…DECA has destroyed!
The Docol , tbém betting on sustainability, launched the Easy Tech, driven without physical contact, the single lever Docal Massima, whose spout rotates 180 degrees, Soap Dispenser triggered by infrared, ResidencialMatic that can be automatically closed or 1/6 back , New models of double valves, etc.
The Roca was launching the company Laufen in Brazil. Laufen presents everything from small parts to the sophisticated Il Bagno de Alessi line.
The Delta Faucet showed its technology Touch2O and is laying the lines Odin by Jason Wu and Charlottee in Brazil this month. The Hansgrohe presented, among others, his AXOR line, designed by Starcks, Citterio, Urquiola…a luxury.
Unfortunately, we can not talk about everything, but we’re almost in the next coat, right? I hope you enjoyed my ride!