Decorated Nails for Summer

Nails art templates – step by step

Decorated nails are super high and combine fully with the summer season, which calls for a more colorful and fun. Check out how to make two of the models of nails that will be among the trends of summer 2014:
Geometric nails
1-To make the base paint your nails with two coats of enamel nude. Then pass the Orange stick very close to the cuticle. This is to get all the excess that sits in the corner.
2-on the edge of the nail, as a French diagonally, thread the black enamel. In each finger, make in one direction: from left to right or vice versa.
3-very carefully, finalize the nail by placing a golden Ribbon (for this type of drawing) between the black and nude. Cut the ends and pass a transparent base layer.
Colorful Fancesinha with stiletto
1-first, you have to let the tips of the nails well rounded, so hell without mercy, even if you keep them square.
2-colored with a glaze of your preference to pass across the surface of the nail two hands. Here we use the color orange.
3-With a very thin brush (not the glaze) paint the tip of the nail white in color. This should be just a stripe.
Fingernails half moon
1-paint your nails with nail polish color that will appear only on the half moon. If you want to let the nail appears without enamel or a base for polishing;
2 – wait dry thoroughly so that the following step adhesive from sticking in the glaze;
3-Place round stickers (those we glue in binders);
4-Pass, then the glaze that will be on the nail, on top of the adhesive to the tip of the nail;
5-Wait to dry and finish with a super shine.