Day of Beauty

Good news: Fernanda Cannalonga, founder of Canna (brand of vegan handbags and accessories) and conscious lifestyle Columnist, is creating a program called journey of beauty, with the goal of helping those who want to make choices of beauty “more conscious, healthy and friends of animals”.
Just as in the case of processed foods, the list of ingredients of cosmetics is often so long and mysterious that it’s hard to understand what people are actually using. And that goes also for the everyday products we use with attendance, such as SOAP, toothpaste and shampoo. I can’t think of conscious consumption when we can’t even pronounce the name of which is consuming, doesn’t it?

I talked to Fernanda, that featured a little bit of your story and your life choices to the findings:
How long have you been vegan?
I’m a vegetarian for almost 15 years and I’ve been vegan for a year. Decreases the consumption of dairy products and eggs but in social occasions and travel I confess that I’m less demanding. My decision to stop eating meat was very rational and the motivation was the same ethic. I was very young, was 11 years old, and the book “Animal Liberation” of Peter Singer helped me make that decision. I devoured the book quickly and after that was resolved, I never went back to eating meat. From there, I began to delve into the subject. Vegetarianism is not just an ethical issue, it is also an environmental issue, social and health. Over time, this led me to question several consumption habits and I went to have another relationship with food, clothes and cosmetics.
And how did the idea of the beauty of the Journey Well? Tell a little about the proposal of the journey for us.
I’ve always shared a lot of my internet lifestyle, social networks. I’d show news, recipes, talked of places I used to frequent, etc. At one point I realized I had a lot of friends (even strangers), asking for tips. It was then that I realized that the knowledge that I had for interest me as much by questions of ethics and sustainability, and also for having a vegan brand, could be shared. I started to work with some sites, among them the Baby, where I spoke only of natural beauty and vegan. The demand for custom work arose from a friend (Fernanda Resende, the Style workshop). She asked me to help better understand the possibilities more natural that exist in the market and I started thinking about how I could make it. She told me that the training course in style of consulting Style had already been adapted to other areas of performance that not only sets, so I did the course to understand the methodology and the girls ‘ forms of work, which I really admire. A week after the course I was given my first client, with a methodology that represents my way of looking at life and work.
Do you have a favorite homemade recipe, which leads for life?
I have great difficulty in electing Favorites and as I like to test many recipes will vary a lot. I have a special attachment to the recipes that I do with things that were going to waste such as coffee grounds, passion fruit seeds or tea used, with which make Exfoliating mixing with coconut oil or cocoa butter. I think it’s very nice to be able to turn something that had value in a powerful raw material. Some raw materials have been more effective in my daily routine, like Chamomile tea, essential oil of tea tree, grape seed oil and cocoa butter.
What books or websites/blogs you recommend for anyone who cares about the subject and want to learn more?
I recommend and get inspired a lot in the book “Skin Cleanse”, musa Adina Grigore. She is the founder of S.W. Basics, a New York brand that uses a maximum of 6 components in their formulations, i.e. they are basically homemade recipes. As if it weren’t wonderful enough, she recently launched a line of pure ingredients to make your own blends. I also recommend the book “Look Great, Live Green” Deborah Burnes, who, like Adina, has a mark of cosmetics and did a thorough job of sorting all cosmetic products indicating which the worst expected components for this category of products (e.g. serum, primer, deodorant, etc.) and best options available in the market. Of the internet, I really like Hello Naturalsite, the recipes are easy and simple just the way I like it.
Learn more about the beauty of the Journey Right here.
For simple and natural recipes to make at home without difficulties, Fernanda gave some tips on Love Farm.
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