Daisy Bloggers: Layering with Filigree Chains

Personally, I think there is nothing better than to put on a little jewelry with a little jewelry on and to put in a beautiful scene. This is especially true for filigree gold chains , of which I simply can not get enough! Above all, if you combine something personal with the piece of jewelery, then you prefer to wear it.

Combine filigree chains in gold

Hamsa chain & chain with engraving “free”

I therefore wear two of my absolute favorite chains almost daily, the “Fatima Hand” (also known as Hamsa hand) and a wonderful necklace with my personal engraving … “Free”. The Fatima Hand is a cultural sign from the Islamic national faith of North Africa and is protective and defensive in the fight against all evil. For me, since I have a very close bond to it
North Africa – especially Morocco -, this symbol is more than just fashion jewelry.In addition, I wear a necklace with my personal engraving “free” to express my Reiselust and the need for freedom and freedom.
My two favorite jewels have a very special meaning for me, but of course I wear them because they are really chic and stylish. I can find gold you can
really combine to everything, no matter whether you wear a casual outfit or break up for a nice dinner … Goldschmuck always looks for something! In my opinion (particularly for the coming festivals), the combination of gold jewelery and delicate pastel tones or an elegant wine red is particularly beautiful, which is really great and makes a party sparkle and sparkle with the gifts …