Daily rations (3)

Daily rations: all what is needed is

Who plans to spend several days in the wilderness and is off all catering facilities, which must inevitably thoughts about his diet make. Who so not want to saddle himself to much planning, are the perfect solution for the daily rations.
Daily rations for the Trek are matched exactly to the needs of the day and contain all the necessary nutrients and energy. Outdoor daily rations include all meals from breakfast through lunch to dinner. To do this, they contain usually also have extras such as coffee, Granola bars, or mineral drinks. For vegetarians, there is usually a menu without meat. Another advantage of trekking food is that it takes away space, is very light and thus take place in every backpack.

Daily rations: coordinated handy in handling and good

, The preparation of trekking meals is very simple. Depending on the dish hot or cold water in, and the food is finished. Daily rations are often freeze-dried, therefore suffice to rehydrate them – so you extracted from water again to feed – so that the initial state is restored. The procedure has another advantage: outdoor daily rations are very long shelf life. Up to two years.
Trekking day rations are also adapted to the respective travel destination. So, trekking meals contain a higher nutritional value for cold regions to compensate for the energy loss due to the heat production of the own body. Also the daily rations for warm regions contain more energy than the stand type ration. Because heat is for the body stress, which he must counteract.