Cycling Maps

On tour with detailed cycling maps

The ingredients for the perfect bike ride? Beautiful weather, endurance and a good cycling map! Cycling maps make for the perfect navigation on the bike ride. Whether via the most beautiful wheel remote paths or the most beautiful routes on its own doorstep with a detailed cycling map the bike fan cope can be found everywhere. So put the card into the card slot and down on the saddle!

Cycling maps for planning and orientation

To the extensive network bike paths to navigate a tour card is almost essential. Good maps are divided typically into grid and clearly mapped. So the navigation and orientation succeed quickly and easily. Is a high-quality wheel chart depending on the size of the mapped area between 1: 50.000 and 1: 70.000. detailed information about the individual routes and their surface and the slope make the planning easier. An accommodation directory and stop tips for the well-deserved rest should not be missing. By the way: for all technology-affine fans, there’s also hiking maps on SD card for the appropriate navigation devices.

Bike cards are compact and practical

Good cycling maps must be clear and easy to read and contain important information about routes and surrounding area. But also the handling should not be forgotten. What good is the best cycling map if it is too large and unwieldy? Therefore, hiking maps are available in most cases in a practical format and fit easily into the card slot of the jacket or the last free space of the helmet. They are also easily foldable, both up – as well as to! Compass cards are printed on tear – and weatherproof paper. Perfect for use on tour.