Cycling Jerseys

Off on the tour with high-quality cycling jerseys

, They’re easy, they’re comfortable and highly functional: cycling jerseys include wheel pants and helmet to the basic equipment of every bike sport fans. They are specially adapted to maximum performance under high load. High comfort, breathability and freedom of movement are only a couple of the features of that must have a shirt for cycling on it. But what makes a good cycling Jersey? And on what should be taken at the time of purchase?

Cycling jerseys points with maximum functionality

who gives everything on the mountain or road bikes, not with the first shirt comes out. The bike sport requires quality and a functional shirt that uncompromising persuaded when other textiles are already reached its limits. High-quality cycling jerseys in the game come here! You are precisely adapted to the needs in cycling and can convince even the most demanding bikers!
First the most important: the breathability! Cycling is not only fun, but is tiring and especially sudorific. This is why cycling jerseys are usually highly breathable. Sweat is absorbed immediately after the emergence of the tissue and headed outside, where it evaporates. This protects against overheating and ensures a dry feel. If it gets too warm, many bicycle jerseys ventilation options offer, such as a zipper in the collar area. To protect against icy headwind, it is advantageous if the shirt is also windproof. Depending on the model, there are also additional, useful features. A UV protection in the tissue holding the harmful UV radiation. Antimicrobials prevent that settle bad odors in the shirt. Ideal for long tours and sensitive noses!

Also on the cut comes on it

, The section is also very important! The cyclists usually occupies a stoop when cycling. Therefore, cycling jerseys are longer cut at the back. So the cycling Jersey slip not unnecessarily far to the top and the back is protected. On the tour, also other things always in the grip must be in addition to the handlebars. Therefore it is also advantageous if the pockets in places are attached, which can loosely be reached while driving. An easily accessible pocket on the back is worth on tour often gold!
There are variant as a short sleeve or long sleeve cycling jerseys. During the Jersey the most widely prevalent is ideal for the transitional period the long sleeve Jersey. Short-sleeve shirts who like flexible like it, can combine with functional Armlingen. So the inclined cyclist can adapt individually to changing climate. Another Jersey variation is the practical one piece. This is nothing more than a combination of cycling shorts and top. So almost like a jumpsuit for cycling. Whether jerseys for women or men, the right size is also a decisive factor. Should there be more closely? Or is it more likely further cut be? Since the preference decides with of course, is also important. Mountain bikers like it rather slightly further cut, while the Jersey for the racing should be fit. No matter what cycling Jersey eventually wanders in the equipment closet, one thing is certain: ENDURA, spoonbills, Scott, Pearl Izumi, Mavic and other well-known manufacturers supply always best quality!