Croatia: Classy Fashion, Attitude and Originality!

Hello people, how are you doing?!?! Today is day of two important events of the 2014 calendar for Brazil. Valentine’s day (congratulations to all you lovers!! Haha) and official opening of the games of the World Cup!! So the feeling of Luxury has a collaborative story coming directly from Croatia, siiiimmm ladies and gentlemen! KKKKK! Today we will know a little more about the fashion of our first opponent on the pitch!! The story was written by John Reinert, he is also a blogger and lives in Zabreg two years ago. Check out his blog, super cool:Croatia for Brazilians . And enough stalling and get to text! Lol
Croatia, sets with class, attitude and originality
Usually the Croats, both women as men pay too much attention on the way of dress and fashion trends. In Zagreb and Split, especially, people often walk the streets like they’re walkways. For the Croats it is normal to invest most of their salaries on clothes and accessories more than anything. The main points for the parade of their clothes are the Riva in Split and Bogovićeva Street in Zagreb, where people usually meet daily in the cafes to chat, view other people and also to be seen.
The sets in Croatia is quite varied and originality is a valued by young people who seek to show attitude on your way to dress up and be different from one another but, without leaving a lot of normality, something original, but discreet. A difference between the Croatian and the brazilian fashion is that people in Croatia hardly wear colorful clothes, a tendency, as in the rest of Europe, are more sober colors, and black is almost always present.
In Zagreb, capital of Croatia, the city center is full of shops selling clothes and accessories. The Ilica Street and Svijetni square Trg, are easily accessible locations where you can find great brands. However, the charm of Croatian fashion lies in their independent productions, Croatia is full of fashion designers dedicated to creating cutting edge clothing and accessories, attitude and tastefully.
Croatia’s climate varies greatly, with harsh winters and warm summers, so it is possible to find clothes for all seasons, however, when it comes to swimwear, I have to admit that the Croats still have much to learn from the Brazilians.
The independent Studio Maks brand store, Nikole Tesle 9 located on the street, in the city centre, is one of these stores in which women can find clothes and accessories made by Croatian designers. The store’s mission is to dress women confident, independent, sophisticated, with good taste in design and business women, with some provocative attitudes, but without losing his principles, and who know what they want.
Another brand of Zagreb is the Herman Design, the brand is dedicated mainly to the manufacture of accessories on such as handbags and bracelets, but also manufactures some pieces of clothing. Their products are hand-made and inspired by punk, grunge and trends with an eclectic mix of retro and modern trends. Orders can be made from your virtual store.
When walking through the cities of Croatia and its small galleries it is possible to find several small independent brands that produce clothing, accessories as well as many art galley and decorations shops with handmade objects with great delicacy, is a world really inspiring to be explored for who seeks to acquire any reminder of the culture of the country.
Check out a bit of fashion Croatian:
The visual of the cities.
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