Create a Handcrafted Coin Door Now

Learn right away to make a very useful coin holder to use which will end your terror of carrying loose coins.
It is not anyone who has the patience to carry coins, regardless of whether it is in wallets, purses or backpacks. Thinking about this possibility, handicraft experts give the idea of ​​creating an easy-to-make coin holder and practical to use on a day to day basis.
This item may also be used for you to use and store earrings, rings, and other accessories. Try to follow the correct step by step that will not have errors, in minutes you will have a beautiful nickel door, and that will solve your problems with the coins.
As materials you will need according to
01 Cascola Cascorez Extra
01 nickel port kit
01 magnet button
Sulphite sheet
Crepe tape
Brush and roller
Silicone spatula
Precision stylus
See the step by step to create the coin holder next.
Begin by placing two pieces of the same width on a sulphite paper, to make the hood. Leave a margin of equivalent size of 0.5 cm between them.
Do the same with the other two parts, and apply the extra Cascorex Cascola on the card, using a roll to take away its excess.
Then try to stick the card in the fabric, and with the spatula try to mark the hood well, smooth the fabric and avoid bubbles.
At your square tips, try to cut the excess fabric diagonally, leaving a small margin.
The part that is round, you should make some hems with the tip of your scissors.
Now is the time to pass the glue and turn the edges of fabric with the help of a spatula. Do the same for the inside and outside as well.
When using a magnet base, mark the center on the inside using a pencil.
Attach a part of the magnet and place the base by turning the tips with the help of a pair of pliers.
Cut the prepared fabric in the middle, this way we will have two sides, and make a margin of about 2 cm inside the inside, try to apply the glue and fix only the tip of one of its sides.
Apply glue cutting the excess, fix the fabric and it’s ready, we have a beautiful and easy to use nikoleira.